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Enlyte's cutting-edge bill review platform uses advanced technology to optimize medical bill processing for claims organizations. Employing the latest fee schedules and benchmarks, our platform ensures precise claims management. Seamlessly integrated with Enlyte's pharmacy and clinical software, our system enhances accuracy and provides a comprehensive view, enabling efficient and transparent claims management.

What Makes Us Different

Industry-Leading Bill Review Software & Services

From intelligent workflows expertly customized to your business to integrated solutions, our bill review platform can help you accurately adjudicate claims, increase operational efficiency and contain costs.

Best-In-Class Technology & Expertise

Contain costs and spend more focused time on high-value tasks

Deep Systems Integration

Accelerate medical bill ingestion and processing

Timely Fee Schedule Releases

Maintain regulatory compliance

Highly Configurable Workflow Rules Engine

Increase claim processing efficiency and improve bill review accuracy

Automation and Straight-Through Processing

Increase automation through powerful, intelligent business rules and machine learning

Delivery Model

A Delivery Model Tailored to Your Needs

Enlyte offers its medical bill review platform to its clients via one of three methods:

Enlyte Licensed Software

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Business Process Outsourcing

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Hybrid Model

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Bill Review for Workers' Compensation


SmartAdvisor is a leading medical bill review software designed for efficient cost containment. This automated, customizable platform uses advanced technology to ensure accurate, timely fee schedule information, integrating seamlessly with claims management systems, PPOs, specialty networks, and e-billing solutions. SmartAdvisor helps organizations accurately evaluate medical charges, stay compliant with regulations, and achieve significant savings. Most importantly, it optimizes the claims adjudication process to ensure the best outcomes for injured employees. SmartAdvisor is essential for enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing cost savings.

Bill Review for Auto Casualty


The DecisionPoint software suite is expertly crafted for auto casualty insurance carriers and third-party administrators, offering a flexible solution for bill review requirements. Our comprehensive suite of integrated solutions enhances DecisionPoint's capability to streamline the claims management workflow, ensuring medical bills are repriced accurately and fairly. This leads to cost containment, improved consistency and boosted operational efficiency. Ideal for optimizing claims processing, DecisionPoint ensures a smoother, more efficient management of auto insurance claims, enhancing accuracy and fairness in medical billing.

Cost Containment Solutions


Our AuditPro bill auditing solution employs a unique blend of technology, data and expertise to detect billing errors, and validate and correct medical codes and charges against medical records for bill review pricing. The AuditPro solution addresses a wide range of bill types including professional and facility bills.

Specialty Bill Review

Enlyte’s specialty bill review solution provides proven and substantiated usual and customary pricing to help our customers consistently pay out-of-network medical bills when fee schedule pricing is exempt. Our specialty bill review solution is supported by a team of experienced bill reviewers, nurses, legal and compliance experts.

Negotiations Services

Enlyte's direct-to-provider negotiation services helps secure discounted rates on medical bills using a variety of strategies including prompt-pay, data-enhanced and strategic negotiations. Our negotiation services can be utilized across workers' compensation and auto claims.


When it comes to reducing claims expenses and becoming more efficient, implementing an electronic payment process is a proven way to reduce payment costs to your claims organization immediately.

  • Replaces inefficient paper-based payments
  • Integrated in the bill review workflow
  • Helps expedite payment cycle times
  • Allows providers to choose preferred payment method
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Our eBill program offers cutting-edge electronic medical billing services tailored for the insurance industry, leveraging advanced technology to significantly reduce operating costs for both payers and payees. Designed to streamline electronic billing between health care providers and claims processors, eBill efficiently handles first and third-party claims, as well as workers' compensation claims. This program not only simplifies the billing process but also ensures compliance with state reporting requirements. Integrated with a comprehensive suite of casualty solutions, eBill accelerates the turnaround time, enhancing the overall efficiency of claims processing and billing.

Business Process Outsourcing

Need More Help? Outsource with the Experts

Our Technology Enabled Services handles your necessary, but often expensive internal operational tasks so you can shift focus to your business’ core competencies. When you outsource with Enlyte, we’ll serve your medical claims with our premier services and bill review expertise, giving you the confidence, satisfaction and trust you need when selecting a bill review services provider. You can be confident your medical claims are being served by the industry’s premier service provider with decades of bill review expertise.

Our team provides comprehensive bill review services, including:

  • Medical bill processing
  • Mailroom operations
  • Document management
  • Data capture
  • Provider contact center
  • Specialized third party liability demand services


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