Total Loss Vehicle Valuation Software

Mitchell WorkCenter

Mitchell WorkCenter simplifies claims handling by delivering fair-market total loss vehicle valuations and connecting you to a vast network of nearly 400 salvage yards.

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Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss

Mitchell’s total loss vehicle valuation software can help you reduce settlement time and boost customer satisfaction. Combining J.D. Power data analysis and pricing techniques with our industry-leading auto physical damage expertise, Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss provides carriers and consumers with accuracy, transparency and speed —processing 95% of total loss vehicle valuations in 30 seconds or less.

It is a one-stop workflow tool for comprehensive valuations, vehicle histories, fraud detection, guidebook calculations, salvage dispositions and settlement tracking. The automated, data-driven software includes:

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Comparable Vehicle Database

A comparable vehicle database to those sourced by consumers (,, and

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Sold Vehicle Records

Sold vehicle records from the J.D. Power Dealership Network and California DMV

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Manufacturer’s Build Sheet Data & Logic Applied

Manufacturer’s build sheet data and logic applied to both the loss vehicle and the report’s comparable vehicles (when available)

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Integration of Total Loss Settlement Taxes & Fees
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Guidebook Values

(J.D. Power Values/NADA, Auto Redbook/Price Digests and more)

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Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price

(with conditioning)

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Vehicle History & NICB Reporting
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Easy-To-Read Breakeven Analyses
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Helpful Total Loss Vehicle Valuation Checklists
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Clear, Concise Settlement Summaries

Mitchell WorkCenter Salvage

Once your total loss claims are settled, you can easily connect your vehicle dispositions with Mitchell WorkCenter Salvage to access our vast network of nearly 400 salvage yards. Use Mitchell WorkCenter Salvage to:

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Monitor & Manage

Monitor and manage all total loss salvage-related activities from a central location.

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Avoid Manual Rekeying

Avoid manual rekeying of vehicle information and issue assignments faster.

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Increase Recovery Rates

Increase recovery rates and decrease salvage-related operating expenses.

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Eliminate Inefficient, Manual Workflows