Mitchell Intelligent Damage Analysis

AI Developed Exclusively for Auto Insurance Claims

Mitchell Intelligent Damage Analysis (MIDA) uses our proprietary machine-learning models to analyze photos and identify component-level vehicle damage.

Combining 75 years of collision repair expertise and our comprehensive data, this artificial intelligence (AI) engine for auto claims simplifies collision repair analysis while easily integrating with any system, including the Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform and Mitchell Intelligent Estimating.

Streamline Your Claims Process With AI

Although it is optimized for use with the Mitchell Intelligent Estimating solution, our AI for auto insurance can analyze images and provide vehicle damage information for many collision repair and claims needs. From estimating to policy inspection to reselling—the opportunities are endless.

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Start Your AI Journey Today

You can find MIDA through the Google Cloud Marketplace or by working with Mitchell directly for a custom solution that fits your business needs.

Google Cloud Marketplace