Mitchell Intelligent Estimating

The Only Claims Automation Solution Powered by an Open Ecosystem

What is Mitchell Intelligent Estimating?

Mitchell Intelligent Estimating is an end-to-end solution bringing claims automation to the collision repair industry. Built with 75 years of industry experience, Mitchell introduces the first estimating solution to leverage artificial intelligence, one-of-a-kind data and a cloud-based estimating system to turn images of damaged vehicles into component-level estimate lines.


Capture Photos of Damaged Vehicles & Collision Information

  • The Intelligent Claims Experience starts with information gathering. Claim details and vehicle images can be gathered from multiple sources—consumer-facing mobile applications, insurance workflow solutions or third-party inputs.
  • Our flexible ecosystem and workflow design allow Mitchell Intelligent Estimating to consume many different input types and evolve as your business and the industry change.
Capture photos of damaged car

Analyze Photos Using Computer Vision

  • With inputs from our customers, Mitchell Intelligent Damage Analysis (MIDA) evaluates images using computer vision. This AI engine identifies damaged components for labor operations.
  • With 75 years of collision repair data and expertise, auto collision claims trends, OE build sheets and more, Mitchell Intelligent Estimating brings you efficiency and peace of mind. Its open platform also gives you the freedom to integrate with third-party AI technologies to meet your unique claims workflow requirements.
Analyze photos using computer vision

Convert Analysis Into Estimate Lines

  • Mitchell's comprehensive database, built with the latest automotive data and decades of expertise, allows MIDA recommendations to be mapped to individual estimate lines.
  • Estimate line items are converted to BMS files, ready for final estimate output.
Car rotating to show estimate technology

Surface Estimates in Mitchell Cloud Estimating

  • With estimates produced in a fraction of the time, Mitchell Cloud Estimating makes it easy to surface estimates, review recommendations and get repairs moving.
  • From OE statements to Integrated Repair Procedures, Mitchell Cloud Estimating provides the information needed to support proper and safe repairs and can be accessed from any device at any time.
Estimate shows up on iPad

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