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RepairCenter Hub

Communicate and collaborate with your staff, suppliers, customers and partners

Effective communication and collaboration is key to efficiently processing jobs, reducing service costs and increasing policyholder satisfaction. Mitchell RepairCenter Hub is an easy to use tool that enables you to communicate and collaborate with your staff, from one central location.

Real-time Communication and Collaboration

RepairCenter Hub is built directly into RepairCenter so you can share information and communicate and collaborate around a repair. Undocumented phone calls, faxes, and emails are a thing of the past—all communications are conveniently documented and saved securely within Hub.

Privacy and Control

RepairCenter Hub is built with privacy and control at its core. This means you can control who views your conversations and even have private one-on-one conversations with your connections. Even better, if you regularly communicate privately with a group of people, you can take advantage of the Network feature—which is similar to a private address book in standard email programs—to ensure important people are always in the loop.


With success comes information overload. Now with RepairCenter Hub, you can subscribe to receive updates and information from repair orders that you care about the most. You no longer have to constantly seek out information; information comes to you in real-time so that you can make decisions necessary to ensure the success of your shop.

Alerts and Notifications

RepairCenter Hub goes beyond conversation and collaboration. It is also an alerting tool that immediately notifies you when important information or actions are needed. Informative alerts will eliminate the need for you to seek out information—saving time and eliminating costly mistakes. For instance, you’ll receive notifications:

  • When you receive a new assignment from the insurance carrier 
  • When tasks are assigned to you by someone in your organization 
  • When there are enhancements and updates to RepairCenter


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"RepairCenter helps us manage the entire day-to-day repair process and gives us real-time control and analysis of everything we do."

Anthony Caprini & Lou Hanhan, Precision Body Shop & Detail, San Francisco Bay Area, California

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