sunjeet By Sunjeet Jaiswal, Product Manager, Auto Physical Damage

Mitchell is excited to announce the release of our new Audit tool to our Solution Suite. Our new Estimate Advisor solution provides superior appraisal administration tools that significantly improve the estimating process. Estimate Advisor replaces Compliance Manager as a truly web-based solution. Our customers will see the advantages of this new solution as it offers tighter integration with our estimating platform and real-time updates to rules and tolerances. With the ability to create truly custom rules, Estimate Advisor can be configured to check and produce alerts for virtually any condition on the estimate. Our newly redesigned profile manager allows users to easily manage profiles, configure thresholds and assign to appraisal channels. Enhanced reporting captures detailed audit metrics and allows you to monitor rule exception reports to direct training and guidelines to ensure more estimates meet your requirements.

Estimate Advisor is another step in Mitchell’s modernization of our Product Suite. We are rapidly developing products that are built on state of the art technology and can be used with the widest range of devices. We will be releasing Estimate Advisor to the general market in Q1 of 2017.

Estimate Advisor features:

  • Tighter integration with estimating platform and workflow solution
  • Ensures quality estimates by optimizing parts usage
  • Profile Manager allows users to manage profiles, thresholds and association to resources

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