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What You Need to Know About Michigan No-Fault Reform

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In 2019, Michigan passed legislation to overhaul its auto no-fault insurance system. The new regulations will allow for new policy limit options in Michigan, as well as mandate a new auto no-fault fee schedule, ultimately having a major impact on the auto casualty insurance market in Michigan. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of assets to help you prepare for the upcoming changes, including articles, webinars and other information.

Navigating Michigan’s No-Fault Auto Fee Schedule Four Months In

Register for Mitchell’s webinar on November 3 at 10:00 AM PT! We’ll look back on the last four months to provide a summary of the latest regulatory updates, outline what’s changed since the fee schedule went into effect and explain how the fee schedule is affecting provider behavior. We’ll also provide an update on Mitchell’s product strategy.

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Stay Up to Date With Regulatory Changes

The state of Michigan continues to publish clarifications, updates and new information about the no-fault auto insurance reform legislation. Log on to Mitchell's Compliance Connection website to stay informed about the legislation and its most recent updates.*


*Mitchell Compliance Connection is accessible only to Mitchell clients.


Compliance Connection

Key Dates


July 2 – The New Michigan auto insurance policy limits and utilization review guidelines went into effect July 2, 2020


July 2 – Michigan’s new auto fee schedule went into effect July 2, 2021.

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