Workers' Comp

A Personalized Approach to High-MED Opioid Management

April 19, 2022

Successful opioid management includes a tailored strategy that takes into account:

  • Each injured worker’s current medication regimen
  • The patient’s medical history and unique circumstances
  • Evidence-based treatment guidelines

The personalized approach to managing a high-MED population helped Mitchell Pharmacy Solutions clients collectively reduce average daily MED levels by more than 15% over the two years reviewed. This two-pronged program included setting customized MED levels per patient and adding greater controls for higher risk patients.

1. Prospective Utilization Review: Trigger of thorough clinical review if custom MED levels were surpassed
2. Retrospective Utilization Review: Comprehensive review of high risk patients and development of clinical plan, often including prescriber intervention

Download the full case study to learn how to implement these strategies in your own pharmacy program.