Investigate, evaluate and assess liability claims with confidence.

Mitchell ClaimIQ® is your complete third party claim solution to improve accuracy, consistency and cycle time in liability and injury evaluations. ClaimIQ is built on your own claims handling philosophies, fact-based recommendations, and best practices, making it truly unique to your organization’s needs.

ClaimIQ can help:

  • Improve accuracy, consistency and cycle time in liability and injury evaluations.
  • Optimize comparative negiligence results.
  • Provide an average of 5% reduction in liability.
  • Increase evaluation time by 40%.

Interested in seeing how Mitchell ClaimIQ can help you increase accuracy in liability and injury assessments? Use our calculator and tell us how many claims you manage per year to see how the product can help improve your bottom line.

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Complete Third Party Solution Integrated with Your Claim System

  • Gather the right information for each loss using your own best practices approach.
  • Recorded interview guidance.
  • Integrated with FNOL data.
  • Guide adjusters through liability assessment to more precisely indentify comparative negligence situations.
  • Fact based, consistent liability decisions.
  • Pain and suffering recommendation and evaluation.
  • Integrated Mitchell Bill Review for medical specials recommendation and evaluation.
  • Mitchell document management and professional services.
  • Automatically organize facts of the claim into a negotiation strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses of each parties' case.
  • Minimize variance in settlement value ensuring fair and rational outcomes across all claimants.