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Five Ways Mitchell Cloud Glass is Simplifying the Evolving Challenges of Glass Claims

December 3, 2019

Jack Rozint

Senior Vice President, Repair Sales, Mitchell, An Enlyte Company

Glass claims have grown increasingly complex over the past few years, and it appears that even more complexity lies ahead. With an increasing number of vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that involve auto glass and more complexity in the composition of glass components on newer vehicles, it has become clear that new and improved solutions for managing glass claims are needed. The key features of a modern glass claims management solution include:

  • First notice of loss capture with mobile option
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair procedure integration
  • Vendor administration
  • Mobile solutions with API integration in the cloud
  • VIN decode
  • Audit tools
  • Integrated policy verification
  • Electronic work assignment
  • Management reporting

While all of these features are important, in this article we will highlight five of the most valuable features.

1. Self-Service Web-Based FNOL with Mobile Option

Consumers today want immediate service, and many prefer a self-directed process for both filing the claim and managing the repair. The best new solutions are those that allow consumers to file a claim online, offer immediate coverage verification and allow self-selection of a local vendor. There are even new options that allow sending consumers with a glass claim a link that allows smartphone claims entry.

2. Integrated OEM Repair Procedures

With more and more glass claims involving vehicle safety systems including ADAS lane departure, the stakes have never been higher for ensuring that glass installations are done in line with OEM procedures to ensure that ADAS continue to function properly. The best new systems support installers with integrated repair procedures that use advanced VIN decode and automatically deliver relevant repair procedures while the repair invoice is being developed.

3. NAGS Integration with Advanced Pricing Efficiency

The best systems will have integration with the latest National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) data to ensure accurate pricing. For vendor management, glass systems should support the traditional “Offer & Acceptance” model to manage participation of installers. The latest systems go beyond this to encourage vendors to set their own pricing while giving them feedback on the competitive local market dynamics. Reverse auction pricing is another feature that can encourage local competition among vendors.

4. Cloud-Based Design

In an increasingly mobile world where systems need to share data efficiently and securely, a cloud-based design offers the ultimate flexibility and scalability. The best systems allow vendors to operate on their choice of device, anywhere, anytime with just a browser and internet connection.

5. Compliance Auditing and Management Reporting

The best of this new breed of systems has built-in compliance auditing that can be set to your exact business rules, and easily modified over time. Now instead of time-consuming manual review, the system can flag claims that do not comply with your business rules, allowing for highly efficient management. Comprehensive management reports can slice data by vendor, vehicle type, region and other criteria.

Access All 5 Features and More with Mitchell Cloud Glass

Now carriers and glass vendors can benefit from a modern, cloud-based application that leverages the latest functionality and data access to provide the benefits needed to survive and thrive in this challenging environment. Mitchell has taken all the best features of its industry-leading GlassMate product and moved them to the Cloud. Integrated repair procedures save time by delivering OEM procedures automatically during the repair invoice creation. The system even delivers interior trim procedures making the repair process for door panels and headliners go smoothly. Using this process, the OEM procedure documents can be saved with the claim file, providing documentation of proper repairs. Mitchell Cloud Glass offers unparalleled features enabling outstanding consumer service, effectively managing claims costs and supporting proper and safe repairs.

The glass business is undergoing unprecedented change. Glass businesses and carriers will require new tools and new technologies to remain competitive. With Mitchell Cloud Glass, you will be able to have access to the latest tools, data and applications from the industry leader in glass—Mitchell International. To learn more, visit our Auto Glass Repair Management Solutions page or call 800.238.9111.