Innovative Solutions for PDR Technicians

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Get the Tools You Need to Work More Efficiently

Proper, safe repair is critical to your business and your customers. As the preferred technology provider of Vale’s Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Technician Certification Program, Mitchell can help you efficiently:

Diagnose Damage


Perform pre- and post-scanning, write estimates and complete calibrations from a single, all-in-one device: the MD-500.

  • Enjoy turbo-speed scanning
  • Avoid transaction fees on calibrations
  • Receive static calibration support with the MD-TS21
  • Leverage Bosch's best-in-class vehicle coverage
  • Access OEM Repair Procedures from DTCs


See How Much
You Can Save

Estimate Repair Costs

Use Mitchell Cloud Estimating to create accurate appraisals from any location and any device, including the MD-500.

  • Start and complete the estimate at the vehicle
  • Review integrated OEM repair information
  • Write appraisals for all types of vehicles
  • View diagnostic scans from within the estimate
  • Receive automatic software updates

PDR Diagnostic and Estimating Devices

Perform Repairs

Access critical OEM procedures and information during the appraisal and the repair with Mitchell TechAdvisor.

  • Explore OEM repair information spanning 30+ years
  • Discover a comprehensive library of DTCs
  • Easily identify component types and location
  • Search 100,000+ technical service bulletins and recalls
  • Reference industry-leading vehicle dimension data

TechAdvisor Laptop

In addition, as a Vale-Certified PDR Technician, you'll receive exclusive savings on these Mitchell solutions.
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PDR Diagnostic and Estimating Devices