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Total Loss Vehicle Valuation Software

Total loss valuation system that generates fair, market-driven values for loss vehicles

Total Loss claims are among the most challenging claims to settle. Our Total Loss methodology is based on real-world values, providing the transparent market value drawn from sold and available vehicle information. Mitchell WorkCenter™ Total Loss includes vehicle options and other value adjustments to determine reliable vehicle valuations.

When you put Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss to work, you bring your total loss unit a statistically driven, fully automated, web-based total loss valuation system. We combine J.D. Power and Associates data analysis and pricing techniques with Mitchell's established leadership in physical damage claims processing solutions. The results are:

  • Fair-market, data-driven vehicle valuations
  • Reduced settlement time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

A Simplified Process for Comprehensive Valuations

Total Loss is a one-stop workflow tool for comprehensive valuations, vehicle history, fraud detection, and guidebook calculations, salvage dispositions, and settlement tracking. The solution moves through the following steps to create 95% of Vehicle Valuation Reports in 30 seconds or less:

  1. Input Valuation Request
    • Profile loss vehicle
  2. Locate Comparable Vehicles
    • Search comparable vehicle database for best vehicle matches
    • Filter vehicle records to comply with state regulations and carrier preferences
    • Apply adjustments to comparable vehicles to reconcile mileage, options, etc. with the loss vehicle
  3. Determine a Valuation
    • Determine base value by summing up comparable vehicle adjusted prices
    • Apply adjustments to base retail value for specialty equipment, refurbishments, condition, etc.
  4. Output Valuation Report
    • Calculate total loss vehicle market value
    • Produce vehicle valuation report detailing valuation and comparable vehicles

Salvage Management

Connect to
over 350 salvage yards

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