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Mitchell Cloud Glass for Claims

Best auto glass resource available to connect your glass service providers and policyholders

Designed for auto insurers of any size, Mitchell Cloud Glass is a comprehensive, integrated web-based platform that connects you with your glass service providers and policyholders to create an efficient glass claims workflow process. Your business compliance rules and auditing are built-in, reducing the need for time-consuming manual review.

Mitchell Cloud Glass can help you:

  • Reduce time-consuming manual reviews with built-in auditing and compliance rules.
  • Start the claim with the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and verification of coverage.
  • Manage the claim as it moves through the repair with National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) integration and vendor notes.

Encourage Competition

Unlike third-party administrators who offer a fixed price per claim, Mitchell Cloud Glass encourages providers to compete for your business by improving their offerings and terms. The results are lower overall claims costs and appropriate pricing for every market.


Key Advantages:

  • Visibility: You have complete visibility to the full claims processing cycle—starting with FNOL through payment of claim—all online.
  • Control: Maintain carrier control of the claim, ensuring that potential satisfaction issues are identified early in the process.
  • Competitive Pricing: Market pricing capability assures competitive pricing by encouraging glass vendorsto present the best possible pricing.
  • Effective Vendor Management: Mitchell Cloud Glass allows carrier-specific vendor networks with minimal administrative burden.
  • Cost Reductions: Electronic assignment reduces phone and fax overhead. Online FNOL capability significantly reduces phone time.
  • Accuracy: Built-in compliance ensures accuracy and eliminates transaction-level auditing.
  • Information Management: Sophisticated reporting identifies trends by vendor, region or vehicle type, allowing carrier to quickly adjust when appropriate.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Allows policyholders to choose their own service provider ensuring a smooth claims process.

Key Features:

  • Repair Procedures at Your Finger Tips: Integrated Repair Procedures provides detailed OEM Service Information including windshield replacement instructions, tools and recommended materials from the manufacturer.
  • First Notice Capture (FNOL Workflow): Easy-to-use interface for carriers, shops and policyholders to submit the First Notice of Loss and capture all relevant information (self-serve FNOL).
  • Vendor Agreement Administration: Electronic agreements make it easy for building quick vendor networks eliminating excess paperwork.
  • VIN Decode: Integrated VIN decode capability ensures the correct parts are installed on the insured vehicle.
  • Integrated Auditing Tools: Real-time audit functionality with latest NAGS data prevents overpayment.
  • Integrated Policy Verification: Automated coverage verification eliminates phone calls and time on hold.
  • Electronic Assignments: Mitchell Cloud Glass offers electronic assignment capability. With one click, you can send the assignment to the chosen shop and eliminate wasteful paper trails.
  • Management Reporting: Centralized reporting is provided for the carrier. A common, easy-to-use interface is provided for the glass vendor.


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