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RepairCenter Production Management

Track critical dates and vehicle location information

Cut off bottlenecks and optimize work in process with the Mitchell RepairCenter™ Production Management module:

  • Track repair progress per vehicle in each department
  • Maximize the number of jobs completed daily
  • Share production schedules to prioritize jobs

Efficient Production Management = Profit.

There’s a major difference between having vehicles in the repair production flow, and knowing where vehicles are in the repair production flow. When you are in control of your repairs, it makes your operations efficient, and customers happy, which can turn into increased profits.

A Powerful Visualization of Current Work in Progress.

The shop marketplace is becoming more complex than ever, and the demands on shops to be able to manage the production process is now more important than ever, as customers, insurers and repairers are looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to repair damaged vehicles. You need a way to report and react on body shop production key performance indicators (KPIs), including Cycle Time, Severity, Rental Expenses, and Customer satisfaction scores.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Take Control of Your Shop

If a customer entered your shop today, would you be able to tell them the repair status of their vehicle? Being in control of your repairs can be the differentiator between you and the competition. Answering “No” to any of these key questions indicates that you could improve production management.

  • Do I know where all vehicles are in the Repair Process?
  • Are there any vehicles outside of the estimated repair timeline?
  • Do I have a plan to manage and de-risk the potential for delay and negative impacts to my cycle time and customer experience?
  • Am I allocating resources to make sure delays are managed appropriately?

Simplify Repair Tracking and Vehicle Location Updates

With our new Production Management, you can manage and update the current status and location of in-process repairs in order to keep staff informed of the repairs’ progress and to better manage and influence the outcome of the repair.

This powerful solution has been designed to:

  • Enable tracking and updating of Vehicle Location visually and effortlessly.
  • Provide real-time capacity information of WIP.
  • Allow printing/viewing/reporting to complement the vehicle update process.

At-a-Glance: Inside Production Management

RepairCenter has been enhanced to include the new Production Management, a powerful tool for tracking and managing vehicles in the production cycle. Enhancements include:

Mirrors a Real Production Flow

One click on the department name displays every job arranged by due out date and time. Urgent jobs will appear higher in the department’s priority list.

Identify Bottlenecks and Efficiencies

Get an accurate snapshot of work in process (WIP) to identify bottlenecks and efficiencies. Quickly see total vehicle count, sales and hours by department.

Find Repair Orders Faster

A quick find feature helps you find a job by repair order number or customer last name. Enhanced results display only the jobs that match your search criteria.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Our cross-device platform allows you to manage your shop’s production from anywhere anytime. Give staff, partners and customers real-time updates on their vehicle’s production status.

Are you ready to get started with RepairCenter featuring Production Management? Try it out for free with a 30-day trial.


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