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The General Motors Collision Repair Network

A network of GM Dealers, MSOs, and Independent Repair Facilities that are focused on proper and safe repairs

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GM and Mitchell have combined to create a program which provides tools and information that help promote proper, safe repair of GM vehicles and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

The focus of the GM Collision Repair Network is to:

  • Create an engaged network of collision facilities that are focused on proper and safe repair of all GM vehicles
  • Increase visibility into collision repairs for additional OEM parts sales
  • Ensure technicians are properly trained and prepared to handle today’s complex vehicles
  • Increase customer brand loyalty


The GM Collision Repair Network is designed as a comprehensive program that will evaluate several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are not typically measured by other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) collision certification programs today. The major difference the GM Collision Repair Network offers is that it will be metrics-driven and dynamic, meaning that the Dealer, MSO, or Independent Repair Facility will continuously undergo audit checks, ensuring that they maintain the proper requirements established for the GM Collision Repair Network program.

The GM Collision Repair Network will measure Dealer, MSO and Independent Repair Facility practices such as ensuring technicians are completing the proper training requirements, performing pre- and post-repair scans, pulling and using OEM repair procedures, performing the necessary recalibrations and conducting quality-control checks.

Mitchell is responsible for managing enrollment and reporting capabilities as it relates to the program KPIs and site audits which will include:

Benefits of the GM Collision Repair Network include:

  • Listing on the GM Collision Repair Network locator as a repair facility that meets or exceeds GM collision repair requirements in terms of capabilities and facility readiness
  • Recognition for adhering to high-quality program standards that focus on proper and safe repair
  • Partner with On-Star customer support to drive more business into your repair facility
  • Capture more customers involved in a total-loss
  • Support for estimating and repair planning
  • Cut research time with integrated repair procedures accessible to all
  • Cloud based documentation available to all stakeholders—including insurers—to support the correct repair process

Please review the attached CORE program requirements to learn how to prepare your facility and technicians for this program. Should you be interested in immediately enrolling, that can be done so by clicking on the following link:

GM Collision Repair Network Core Requirements

Please be aware that it will take approximately two hours to complete the application. You will need to have pictures of all items listed in the CORE Requirements, so please review before beginning your application.

Enroll Now

If you are interested in joining this network and would like more information, please use the form below:

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