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Mitchell Estimating / GM Live Part Price Integration

Your questions about MyPriceLink answered


General Motors has introduced an alternative method of accessing collision parts pricing for GM model vehicles known as GM live parts pricing or MyPriceLink. Mitchell’s collision estimating system, Mitchell Estimating will support access to General Motors’ OEM live parts pricing.

MyPriceLink was designed by GM to enable real-time parts pricing up front in the estimate, resulting in a more seamless and less disruptive workflow. Mitchell will update Mitchell Estimating so that there are no new steps needed to access live GM pricing. Simply update your version of Mitchell Estimating and write an estimate as you would today.

Part Price Integration Overview

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GM MyPriceLink Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is MyPriceLink?

A1: MyPriceLink (MPL) is a comprehensive service that enables real-time pricing up front in the estimate writing process, resulting in a more seamless and less disruptive workflow for obtaining prices for GM vehicles. MPL currently is limited to GM vehicles in the U.S. market. For more information, please visit

Q2: What do you mean MPL is a comprehensive service?

A2: The MPL service impacts all aspects of the collision workflow. This includes those who write collision estimates, and those who fulfill GM part orders. Specifically, this includes:

  • Collision Shops
  • Fleets
  • Insurance Companies
  • Independent Adjusters
  • Dealerships

Q3: Was this tested before the national launch on December 1st? How do I know it works?

A3: Yes, we have been piloting the solution since the summer of 2015. During the pilot, all aspects of the workflow were tested and validated. The pilot included body shops and insurance users, and all participants were able to successfully write estimates with minimal disruption to their daily workflow, and all estimates obtained and displayed real-time pricing in Mitchell Estimating. Since MPL also affects GM dealers, the pilot included dealer integration testing. This includes the dealers’ ability to look up real-time MyPriceLink prices, view historical price quotes, and submit requests for reimbursement.

Q4: Do I need to do to anything special to get real-time prices for GM vehicles?

A4: No. As of December 1st the MPL service will launch nationwide. In order to receive real-time pricing, simply update to the latest version of Mitchell Estimating , available on December 1st. The MyPriceLink feature will be automatically enabled in this latest version. Customers who install Mitchell Estimating via DVD may receive the disk in the mail shortly after December 1st, due to shipping time.

Once Mitchell Estimating is updated and connected to the internet, the application will seamlessly pull GM parts prices from the MPL service and display them in the application just like any other vehicle.

Q5: So I need an internet connection to use MPL? What if I need to work remotely?

A5: Yes, an internet connection is required to display real-time list prices. If no connection is available, you will still be able to write the estimate, but prices may display as $0.00 on the repair lines. Once a connection is available, users can select the “Refresh Dynamic Pricing” in the toolbar to update prices from MPL. Another option for users that need real-time prices without an internet connection is to open the estimate or assignment before losing internet connectivity. Once the vehicle is decoded, click on the repair tab in Mitchell Estimating to initiate the MPL service. Saving and closing the estimate at this point will store the real-time prices temporarily, for up to 24 hours.

Q6: Do I need to update immediately? What happens if I don’t update?

A6: In order to receive real-time pricing, you will need to update to the latest Mitchell Estimating version available after December 1st. If you do not update to the latest version, Mitchell Estimating will continue to work as expected; however, you will be using historical pricing rather than the latest available pricing from GM via MyPriceLink.

Q7: How does it all work? What do I need to provide to the dealer to honor the prices that are displayed in Mitchell Estimating ?

A7: Since the MPL service is comprehensive, it integrates with both the Collision Estimating System and the Dealer Management Systems. The MPL service provides the real-time pricing in Mitchell Estimating, and makes those prices available to the GM dealer systems via a quoting mechanism. A unique Quote ID is generated by Mitchell Estimating for each pricing request. Mitchell Estimating users can use this Quote ID (located in the upper right hand corner of the estimate print out) when ordering parts from the dealer to obtain the prices that were displayed in Mitchell Estimating.


Q8: How long are the quotes valid for? Should I print a disclaimer on the estimate?

A8: Every real-time pricing request will generate a unique Quote ID, which is valid for 120 days. After 120 days, prices are no longer valid, and would require obtaining new prices from MPL along with a new quote ID. Adding a disclaimer will vary from business to business, but should be considered if estimates are valid for longer than 120 days.

Q9: What if I have issues, who do I call?

A9: Mitchell will continue to provide support for all issues relating to Mitchell Estimating. We will work closely with GM to ensure the highest quality service in the event an issue arises. Mitchell Estimating depends on the MPL service to display GM parts pricing. So, in the event of a MPL interruption or outage, Mitchell Estimating will not be able to display real-time prices within Mitchell Estimating. Though an outage or interruption is unlikely, Mitchell will work with GM to ensure minimal impact to our users.

Q10: What happens if I am writing an estimate for an insurance company that has not elected to participate in the MPL Integration in Mitchell Estimating?

A10: Some insurance carriers have elected not to participate in the MPL integration. This means that your estimating workflow with these insurance partners will not include real-time pricing for GM parts in Mitchell Estimating. In this scenario, parts prices will be displayed as $0.00. Mitchell Estimating has been configured to prevent prices from being shown for insurance carriers that have opted out. If the MPL integration is not enabled for your insurance partner(s), there are two additional methods for obtaining prices. The first option is to call your local GM dealer. The second option is to use the CollisionLink Shop workflow. This option requires you to write the estimate with $0.00 parts, and then import the estimate into CollisionLink Shop. Once imported, the estimate will request and display the MPL list that would have been displayed in Mitchell Estimating for MPL participating carriers.

See the full list of collision shop and insurance company MyPriceLink FAQs on


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