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Carrier Communications

The easy, cost-effective solution to streamline insurance-shop communications

Using manual communications to receive assignments and send artifacts increases the chance of error and the need for supplementation. That’s inefficient and costly. Plus, miscommunication and lost information can be detrimental to your DRP partner relationships and the success of your collision repair shop.

Mitchell streamlines communications between carriers and shops with a suite of insurance-shop communication solutions. No preconfigured, integrated software or technical savvy is required. Even low-volume, non-DRP shops and casual users can receive assignments and upload artifacts.

Insurance-Carrier Communications for DRP Shops

Concise real-time communication is critical to running an efficient collision repair shop. But contacting carriers manually is time-consuming and increases the chance an error will be made. Mitchell’s communication software lets even low-volume, non-DRP shops and causal users retrieve appraisal assignments, carrier instructions and other shop communications easily.

If your auto body shop is in a DRP network, our DRP solution can help you:

  • Easily track repair assignments from end-to-end with RepairCenter shop management
  • Build stronger relationships with your direct repair program carriers through eliminating manual communication
  • Integrates with related Mitchell products, such as Mitchell Estimating, also known as UltraMate to improve estimate accuracy
  • Complete assignments more efficiently through constant uploads of estimates, documents, and images, and new assignments downloads

Simplified Real-Time Carrier Communication In and Out of DRP Networks

No pre-configured software needed. With the Mitchell solution, the same tools work for DRP and non-DRP shops. Shops already using Mitchell software can receive assignments and upload estimates and supporting documentation in their current solution. Shops not using Mitchell software are directed to a web-based portal that let users easily upload estimates, photos and other documents the carrier requires.

If your auto body shop receives non-DRP work, we have a solution to help you:

  • Receive appraisal assignments from any insurance company, even if you aren’t in their DRP
  • Upload artifacts to any insurance company, reducing the likelihood of errors through lost documentation
  • Increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual follow-up via email and playing phone tag
  • Build relationships with policyholders to expand your customer base and grow your business

Save Time and Minimize Errors

Lack of event notifications create communication roadblocks and slow down cycle time. With Mitchell’s carrier communications solutions, you receive auto-generated carrier notifications and instructions, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual follow-up phone calls, entry errors, misunderstandings and costly supplementation.


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