Save time and money by performing pre-and post-scanning and calibration work in-house. Integrated with Mitchell Cloud Estimating and our open, cloud-based ecosystem, Mitchell Diagnostics helps streamline the repair process—allowing you to exceed customer expectations.




Single Device, Single Platform

The MD-500 provides everything you want in a diagnostic scanning tool to simplify the repair workflow.

New Features

  • Google Play Store Integration
  • Extended Battery Life (14 hours)
  • Camera: Front: 5MP, Back 8MP
  • Wireless Printing
  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • Multipurpose Charing Dock Station

Perform OEM Proprietary Scans and Reprogramming

Powered by OPUS IVS, the MD-OEM is designed to boost your facility’s repair capabilities.


  • Access to Comprehensive Remote Services
  • PDF Scan Reports Linked Directly to Mitchell Cloud Estimating
  • Original OE Reports

Scan, Calibrate and Capture Images Wirelessly

Our wireless MD-350 gives repair facilities the ability to scan, diagnose and calibrate—all from one device.


  • Support for Front and Rear Cameras
  • Ability to Easily Route Images Through Mitchell Connect or Google Photos to Your Desired Location
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage
  • Bluetooth and Internet Connectivity
  • Hundreds of Dynamic Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibrations with No Transaction Fees

Quickly Complete Front-of-House Scans

Simply connect the MD-200 tool, a compact, fast scanning system, to the vehicle and promptly run a diagnostic report.


  • Best-in-Class Vehicle Coverage
  • Patented Scan Report Management

Execute Static Calibrations with Confidence

The MD-TS21 incorporates Bosch’s best-in-class vehicle coverage and patented technology—allowing you to quickly and precisely calibrate front-facing cameras, blind-spot monitors and radar sensors without using expensive sublets!

  • Intuitive, Gamified User-Interface to Reduce the Risk of Errors
  • Guided Lasers to Replace Need for Plumb Bobs, Tape Measures and Mirrors
  • Simple Set Up in Under 12 Minutes, Even for Newer Users
  • Integrated Storage for Ease of Access to the Proper OEM Target


  • Calibrate Vehicle Camera and Radar Systems
  • Expert Training Provided
  • Normalized Procedures Across OEMs
  • Auto-Detect Distance Between Targets and Vehicle

Top 10 Reasons to Select Mitchell Diagnostics

Modern vehicles are complex so your technicians need collision repair screening solutions that can keep up. Mitchell’s diagnostic tools will enhance daily output at your repair facility. Here’s how:

  1. Designed for Repairers: We’ve created the first diagnostic scanner system specifically designed for the automotive collision repair market.
  2. Easy-to-Use: Collision repair scanning with Mitchell Diagnostics allows you to quickly complete and document the diagnostic process so you can begin the repair work sooner.
  3. Streamlined Repair Process: A best-in-class solution powered by Bosch, Mitchell Diagnostics streamlines the collision repair process.
  4. Integration with OEM Repair Procedures: Save time by linking directly to the associated OEM repair procedure from the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) on a scan report (available add-on).
  5. Claims Management Made Easy: Mitchell Diagnostics offers a superior file documentation system—simplifying the claims management workflow.
  6. Industry-Leading Vehicle Coverage: Through Bosch, Mitchell Diagnostics offers extensive vehicle coverage, including Domestic, Asian and European OEMs.
  1. Access to FCA Secure Gateway Vehicles: The MD-200 and MD-350 tools provide FCA-approved access to Secure Gateway vehicle networks via optional AutoAuth registration. Scan, clear codes and calibrate SGW vehicles such as Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Ram. Learn more.
  2. Document Management: Mitchell Diagnostics connects diagnostic data to your collision repair and claims management system, whether you use Mitchell solutions or those of another information provider.
  3. Lifetime Warranty: With a continuing subscription to Mitchell Diagnostics, you’ll receive a limited lifetime hardware warranty. Keep your facility’s software system up to date without lifting a finger while benefitting from the latest vehicle coverage and repair enhancements.
  4. Comprehensive PDF Output: Industry-standard collision repair screening reports can be lengthy and hard to understand. With Mitchell Diagnostics, your technicians will enjoy standardized PDFs that are clear and concise with simple line-by-line reporting—providing the information they need in an easily digestible format.

Mitchell Diagnostics Scan Report

Mitchell Diagnostics generates intuitive and easy to understand reports while seamlessly integrating with your claims and collision repair management systems.

Want to Learn More?

Additional Mitchell Diagnostics Features That Make Scanning and Calibration Simple

Cloud Connectivity

The system automatically downloads vehicle data updates as well as uploads completed pre- and post-scan reports when connected to Wi-Fi.

Built-in Maintenance Tests

Mitchell Diagnostics supports these tests:

  • Battery/Charging
  • Brake Service
  • Service Light Reset
  • Steering Service
  • Suspension Service
  • Driver Assist Adjustments

Battery Disconnect Reset

Using the battery disconnect reset, you’ll have the instructions required for electrically operated components, accessories and modules after a battery service, replacement or loss of electrical power.

Key and Remote Programming Procedures

The scan tools also produce the programming and synchronization procedures for vehicle keys and transmitters for remote-controlled alarm, central locking and immobilizer systems.


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