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Mitchell Diagnostics™

Comprehensive scanning solutions for collision repair


Top Reasons to go with Mitchell Diagnostics:

  • Diagnostic System
    The first diagnostic system design specifically for automotive collision repair.
  • Easy-to-Use
    Allows you to complete and document the diagnostic portion of repairs in less time.
  • Simple Repair Process
    A best-in-class solution powered by Bosch, streamlining the repair process.
  • Claims Process Made Easy
    Superior file documentation system that simplifies the claims management workflow.
  • Best in Class Vehicle Coverage
    Powered by Bosch, Mitchell Diagnostics has extensive vehicle coverage, including Domestic, Asian, and European OEMs.
  • Document Management
    Mitchell Diagnostics closely links diagnostic data with your repair and claims management system, whether you use Mitchell or any other information provider.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    With a continuing subscription to Mitchell Diagnostics, you also receive a limited lifetime hardware warranty, keeping your system updated with the latest vehicle coverage and repair enhancements.
  • Comprehensive PDF Output
    Unlike many scan reports that are lengthy and hard to understand, Mitchell Diagnostics creates standardized PDFs that are clear and concise, with simple line-by-line reporting.
  • Diagnostics Compliance
    With Mitchell WorkCenter, all diagnostics scans will be tested against a set of preliminary audit rules as they enter Mitchell WorkCenter. If there is an error on the scan, the system will notify the user.
  • Mitchell RepairCenter Integration
    Mitchell Diagnostics is now integrated with Mitchell RepairCenter to create greater flexibility to access and scan reports for more thorough and informed repairs.


Mitchell Diagnostics Scan Report

Mitchell Diagnostics generates intuitive and easy to understand reports while seamlessly integrating with your claims and repair management systems.


Coming Soon:

  • Locate / retrieve AirPro Diagnostics Scans in Mitchell Connect
    Incorporate AirPro Diagnostics documents seamlessly into the claim and repair workflow.
  • Remote Tech Assistance
    With this new feature, you will be able to export a Mitchell scan to Mitchell Diagnostics partners for report analysis, and receive inputs and how-to from Mitchell Diagnostics partners’ master technicians.


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Additional features that make working with Mitchell Diagnostics simple and easy.

Cloud Connectivity

Downloads vehicle data updates in the background and automatically uploads completed pre- and post-scan reports when connected to WiFi.

Built-in Maintenance Tests

  • Battery / Charging
  • Brake Service
  • Service Light Reset
  • Steering Service
  • Suspension Service
  • TPMS Registration
  • Driver Assist Adjustments

Battery Disconnect Reset

Provides reset instructions for electrically operated components, accessories and modules after a battery service, replacement or loss of electrical power.

Key & Remote Programming Procedure

Details the programming and synchronization procedures for vehicle keys and transmitters for remote-controlled alarm, central locking and immobilizer systems.


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