What is Mitchell Intelligence

What Is Mitchell Intelligence?

Mitchell Intelligence is the culmination of 75 years of industry expertise. From 1940s car part catalogues to 21st century machine learning models, Mitchell has always been a dedicated partner and innovator for the collision repair industry. Our portfolio of groundbreaking solutions are powered by that same dedication, combining Artificial Intelligence with collision repair wisdom, in an open ecosystem that our partners can trust. That's Mitchell Intelligence.

Why Mitchell

Why Mitchell?

Mitchell leverages our one-of-a-kind database and AI engine, Mitchell Intelligent Damage Analysis (MIDA), to deliver AI-enabled solutions in an open, cloud-based ecosystem. In a marketplace of growing complexity, industry leaders require collaboration with product and service providers they can trust—both as business partners who understand the industry and technology partners whose innovations are proven.

Intelligent Claims Experience
Intelligent Claims Experience

The Intelligent Claims Experience

A lot of companies are promising estimate automation, but automating with intelligence can only be achieved with an end-to-end claims experience that works for your unique business needs. Mitchell has the right solution for you, whatever your workflow.

Intelligent Repair Experience

The Intelligent Repair Experience

Only Mitchell Intelligent Solutions combine the power of AI-enabled claims with a cloud-based ecosystem built for enabling the most important outcome—proper and safe vehicle repair.

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