Auto Physical Damage

Mitchell Collision Podcast

September 2, 2022

Ryan Mandell

Director of Claims Performance, Auto Physical Damage, Mitchell, An Enlyte Company

The Mitchell Collision Podcast goes beyond Property and Casualty headlines to explore the latest trends in auto physical damage. Hosted by Ryan Mandell, the series includes in-depth interviews with experts from around the industry—carriers, repairers, OEMs, part suppliers, technology service providers and more. In each episode, Ryan provides insight and analysis on the market factors affecting automotive insurance claims and the delivery of proper, safe vehicle repair.

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Episode 8: Building Customer Loyalty Through OEM-Certified Repairs­

September 2, 2022
Art Crawford, vice president of collision centres at AutoCanada, discusses the role that OEM certification plays in proper repair, customer loyalty and shop profitability. He and Ryan also examine how facilities like AutoCanada are collaborating with the OEMs to support and service the next generation of automobiles, including electric vehicles.

Episode 7: Painting a New Picture: Automotive Coatings and Their Impact on Repair

April 28, 2022
Think that paint color doesn’t affect a vehicle’s performance and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)? Think again! Jeff Wildman, manager of OEM and industry relations at BASF, joins host Ryan Mandell to discuss the latest trends in automotive coatings, how they impact collision repair and why OEM procedures are critical—especially when it comes to paint.

Episode 6: New Opportunities in the Automotive Aftermarket

March 1, 2022
Joe Sparacino, managing director of automotive aftermarket investment banking at Stifel, shares his perspective on the industry. From mergers and supply chain disruptions to the introduction of new markets focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Joe and Ryan uncover the trends that have investment bankers and key stakeholders taking notice.

Episode 5: Evolution and Growth in the Collision Industry

November 1, 2021
Ryan and Ben Clymer, Jr.—CEO of the five-location MSO, Ben Clymer’s The Body Shop—discuss today’s challenges with the efficient delivery of proper, safe repair, including the ongoing impact of supply chain disruptions. They also uncover new growth opportunities and even potential roadblocks for the collision industry.

Episode 4: What Vehicle Lightweighting Means for Collision Repair

July 21, 2021
Ryan and Edwin Pope, principal analyst at IHS Markit, discuss the growing use of lightweight materials in new automobile design and construction. While these alternatives are helping to improve safety, boost fuel economy and reduce costs, they are also creating new challenges affecting insurance claims and the delivery of proper and safe repair.

Episode 3: The Changing World of Automotive Recycling

May 11, 2021
In this episode, Ryan welcomes Jeff Helget, vice president of operations at B&R Auto Wrecking. Together they explore how the automotive recycling industry is adapting to growing vehicle complexity, the pandemic’s impact on the supply chain, and changes in method of inspection including virtual and automated estimating.

Episode 2: Silver Linings: Successfully Navigating an Uncertain Future

February 25, 2021
Paul Prochilo, CEO of Canada’s Simplicity Car Care multi-shop operation and chairman of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF), joins Ryan to discuss how COVID-19 has changed his business and the industry. Hear how the pandemic, despite its challenges, has produced silver linings and find out what they mean for the future of proper, safe vehicle repair.

Episode 1: Re-Imagining What’s Possible in a Pandemic

December 7, 2020
Ryan and Tony Cotto, director of auto and underwriting policy at National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), discuss the impact of COVID-19 on automotive insurers. Learn how carriers have quickly adapted to a new normal and how they’re re-imagining the future of claims post-pandemic.

About the Host

Ryan Mandell is the director of claims performance for Mitchell’s Auto Physical Damage division. In this role, he works hand-in-hand with insurance executives and material damage leaders to provide actionable insights and consultative direction. Ryan is an accomplished business leader with expertise in management, analytics, strategy and product development.