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Creating a free flow of information for proper and safe repairs

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Mitchell’s Program Freedom delivers a cloud-based, open platform to the industry, which is facing unprecedented challenges: increasing vehicle complexity, use of advanced technology, and the frequency and severity of accidents. Program Freedom is designed to help the industry face today’s challenges and is based on Mitchell Cloud Estimating, our new cloud-based estimating and communications platform.


Program Freedom Lets the Industry

Share data without restrictions or toll charges with your choice of business partners

Choose the EMS or BMS data format with the security services you select

Retain a copy of your data for warehousing and archival purposes without paying a fee

Estimate on any device, any browser, from any location

At Mitchell, we believe proper and safe repairs require the open, no-cost exchange of data among insurance carriers, repair facilities, suppliers and OEMs.

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Who benefits from Mitchell's Program Freedom?

Insurance Carriers

Program Freedom gives you an open choice of business partners, letting you manage costs effectively. Claims repaired by out-of-network repair facilities, without a Mitchell subscription, are processed on a per-estimate basis creating a cost-effective workflow.

Repair Facilities

Program Freedom gives you a continued open choice among best-in-class applications and services without the limitations of proprietary protocols and closed data networks. Share data via either the EMS or BMS format without transaction fees.

Suppliers & Providers

Program Freedom allows you to do business with repairers as you do today—without new licensing terms, transaction fees and the need to rewrite existing interfaces.


Program Freedom allows participants in OE Certified Repair Networks to share data with other stakeholders and procure parts from the OE’s choice of network. Mitchell’s cloud platform also delivers contextual OE repair procedures right in the estimate, enabling proper and safe repairs.

The Program Freedom Experience

Program Freedom Devices

On January 17, 2018, Mitchell hosted the one-of-a-kind Program Freedom Experience in Palm Springs, CA. The afternoon included a dynamic presentation from Mitchell leaders and partners, as well as hands-on interactions and a chance to network with a robust mix of industry influencers.

Mitchell would like to thank our partners and attendees for coming together to make a unique and exciting event.

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