Our History and Origins

Glenn Mitchell loved lists, and this love of lists gave impetus to the transformation of the automotive industry. The parts manager of a car dealership in post-World War II San Diego, Mitchell created extensive lists of automobile parts numbers, prices and descriptions to aide his parts counterman in looking up parts for body shops.

As knowledge of these lists spread by word of mouth, Mitchell began receiving calls from other car dealers, body shop technicians and even insurance adjusters, requesting his specific and well-documented information. That is when Mitchell had a breakthrough idea that has since resulted in the employment of thousands of people and made life easier and more productive for a countless number of our clients and partners. What, precisely, was his innovation? Glenn Mitchell realized that his informational lists were a valuable asset that could benefit the automotive industry on a large scale.

transformation of the automotive industry

Founded in Glenn Mitchell's garage in 1946, our company has grown from a mom-and-pop business into North America's largest provider of collision repair information. The vast majority of North American collision repair shops and most of the nation’s top insurance companies rely on our information daily. Dent your car's right front fender? If so, our leading-edge solutions can tell your insurance company and/or body shop how much a replacement part will cost and how long the repair will take.

North America's largest provider of collision repair information

While we delivered much of our information in book form during Glenn Mitchell's day, over the years we converted our database into easy-to-use electronic formats as well as providing a suite of applications for insurers and collision repairers to improve the claims process. This technology enabled us to deliver the industry’s premier suite of estimating and communications products as well as tools for analyzing claims information, workflow processing and enhancing shop management and efficiency.

applications for insurers and collision repairers

We have continued to focus on broader claims performance and bringing to life our vision of enabling all partners across the entire property and casualty claims industry to more easily connect and collaborate─both inside and outside their traditional boundaries. Through acquisition, strategic partnerships, and in-house development, we have expanded our product line and continue to lead the industry in providing the most advanced and comprehensive suite of enterprise-wide claims management solutions available today.

changing the industry with innovation

As a company dedicated to changing the industry with innovation, we remain intensely focused on investing aggressively in researching and developing solutions that help our clients and partners achieve the best possible outcome and restore their customers' lives after a challenging event by simplifying and optimizing complex claims and business environments. We are also looking forward to continuing our proud tradition of service excellence through listening, responsiveness and collaboration.


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