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Advanced Technologies Reduce Complexity and Restore Lives

The renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil once said, “We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century—it will be more like 20,000 years of progress.” He is not alone in his thinking. By all accounts, we live in a time of unprecedented change, one that is driven by the exponential evolution of technology. [Read More...]

The Workers’ Compensation Claim Journey: Using Integrated Solutions to Help Improve Claims Process

From the moment an injury occurs, to the day an injured worker returns to work, the journey a workers’ compensation claim may take is complex, involving numerous parties and diverse jurisdictional requirements. Adding to the complexity are the number of stakeholders interested in the claim outcome but working in disparate technologies: First and foremost the injured worker, but also the employer, the insurer and the provider. [Read More...]

From FNOL to Settlement: Improving Auto Casualty Claim Outcomes with Data Driven Decisions

Effectively adjudicating third party auto casualty claims can be a complex web of analysis and decision-making that challenges even the most experienced adjusters. Each of the many decisions made during the lifecycle of a third party claim can potentially affect the outcome—for better or for worse. [Read More...]

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