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Mitchell is dedicated to providing flexible solutions tailored to meet the specific business requirements of P&C and collision repair professionals who confidently rely on Mitchell solutions to improve business process and performance.

Mitchell Extended Enterprise Platform

Mitchell's latest generation of product offerings are built on the Mitchell Extended Enterprise Platform to fulfill the demands of highly collaborative business processes. The platform's unified, robust, and scalable service delivery infrastructure empowers users with an unprecedented level of reliability and extensibility. Its capabilities and modules provide connectivity between all participants, including insurance carriers, bill processors, value added providers, repair and care facilities, and even end users such as vehicle owners that governs the full claims processing workflow.

Mitchell Extended Enterprise Platform

Mitchell's business solutions utilize a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to design, implementation and delivery. This leading edge design paradigm allows functionality to be exposed in multiple ways; services may be exposed as powerful online web applications, feature-rich smart desktop clients, and even as part of customizable B2B integration solutions.

Mitchell Data Exchange

The Mitchell Data Exchange is a comprehensive one-stop shop solution for insurance carriers, service providers and business partners looking to rapidly integrate their information systems with the various products and services offered by Mitchell.

The exchange provides a robust, secure, flexible integration platform that supports multiple integration paradigms (push & pull, batch & transactional, synchronous & asynchronous) as well as a variety of open communication protocols including FTP, messaging, and web services.

The Mitchell Data Exchange has built-in support for standards-based data formats from HIPPA, CIECA, EDI and NICB, and also supports integrations involving custom formats such as those based upon XML, CSV, and flat files.

Mitchell Data Exchange

The Mitchell Data Exchange runs on scalable server infrastructure that hosts hundreds of existing customer and partner integrations and processes tens of millions transactions per year. The exchange maintains detailed transaction logs on all integration points, allowing audit and reconciliation reports to be provided. The various customer integrations flowing through the Mitchell Data Exchange are continuously monitored 24x7x365 by Mitchell's state-of-the-art Operations Center.

The Mitchell Data Exchange is supported by a team of data integration specialists and a professional services organization that works with each customer during an engagement to ensure delivery of an optimal integration solution. Each solution is tailored if necessary to best meet the unique needs of each integration customer. The flexibility of the Mitchell Data Exchange ensures client integrations can grow and evolve in lock-step with the needs of the client, thus allowing the client to fully leverage the continuously expanding suite of Mitchell products and services in order to maximize customer ROI.

Mitchell Hosting Infrastructure

Mitchell has invested in a modern, robust, and reliable technical infrastructure that has earned the trust of its customers in every segment of the industry. This infrastructure is designed to meet and exceed modern industry and regulatory standards and serves as the foundation of the Mitchell Extended Enterprise platform.

The key components of this infrastructure are dedicated data centers that Mitchell designs and operates to provide the highest level of attention and accountability, enforcing standards of fault-tolerance, reliability, performance, security, availability and integrity at all levels—including network, storage and power—to its customers. Mitchell has partnered with proven, best-of-breed enterprise vendors including Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Cisco, and HP to offer great services and top performance by using clustering, load-balancing, replication and failover technologies between remote, regionally diverse data centers. Clients can be assured that Mitchell uses proven protocols, network topologies and architectural standards to maintain the utmost security of their data. Mitchell uses the finest proactive performance monitoring, problem analysis, and intrusion detection tools available to ensure availability, security, and compliance.


Mitchell takes pride in bringing a comprehensive and growing portfolio of world-class products, services and solutions to the marketplace, as demonstrated by the significant and continuous investment in current products, ongoing infrastructure upgrades, and innovative new product development initiatives. Mitchell welcomes the opportunity to forge new customer relationships as well as strengthening relationships with existing clients. Mitchell strives to foster long-term partnerships with each client by delivering effective multi-line solutions, industry-leading integration and superior customer support. Mitchell is fully committed to working with each client to identify and implement the most effective claims solution so that the client may realize accelerating revenue growth and enhanced profitability through claims process improvements and efficiency gains.

Mitchell Technology
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