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Mitchell International, Inc, empowers clients to achieve measurably better outcomes. Providing unparalleled breadth of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Property & Casualty insurance industry, Mitchell is uniquely able to simplify and accelerate claims handling across physical damage, bodily injury and workers' compensation claims.

Our leading edge solutions streamline the claims management process by enabling our clients to process claims more accurately, consistently, and cost-effectively. Through a combination of technology, information and collaborative workflows, Mitchell's claims management software provides a new level of connectivity within the claims organization and with industry partners for increased efficiency. Mitchell's comprehensive solution portfolio enables millions of electronic transactions each month that enhance partner productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Mitchell's commitment to our clients' success is evident from our significant investment in research & development which has doubled since 2005. Our product investments are focused on delivering best-in-class solutions by centering on the themes of content, innovation, simplicity and resiliency.

Claims Management Solutions
  • Collision Claims Management Software

    Collision Claims Management Software

    WorkCenter™—Moving claims quickly and efficiently from first notice of loss (FNOL) to settlement is no easy task. Mitchell WorkCenter provides you the tools to accelerate the pace with an open, modular, and end-to-end physical damage claims settlement solution.

  • Medical Claims Processing Software

    Medical Claims Processing

    Decision Point®—Decision Point empowers claims handlers to accelerate appropriate decision making around medical bills related to liability claims—to pay the right amount at the right time to the right party for the right reasons—fairly and promptly.

    ClaimIQ™—Apply your best claims adjusting skills consistently across your entire book of Claims. Mitchell ClaimIQ embeds the expert guidance of your best adjusters seamlessly at key points in your claims handling processes.

  • Workers' Compensation Management Software

    Workers' Compensation Management Software

    SmartAdvisor—SmartAdvisor is a comprehensive bill review solution that empowers clients with improved efficiencies and lower costs through its unique combination of performance software, client services, and best-in-class partnerships.

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