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Mitchell ReviewStat

Flexible, scalable and highly automated. The medical management software designed to be effective for all work comp stakeholders within the care continuum.

Mitchell ReviewStatEnhance your medical management program with Mitchell ReviewStat, an intuitive web based and highly automated workflow optimization solution built to facilitate and monitor the progress of cases for utilization review, peer review and case management. ReviewStat works to drive efficiencies and eliminate manual administrative tasks by streamlining multiple processes, automating decisions and speeding up communications between the various stakeholders involved in the medical management life-cycle; thus uniquely positioning clinical professionals to focus on delivering better outcomes. With the software’s flexible and highly automated nature, it can drastically reduce the cost and time historically required for medical review.


The ReviewStat software solution enables users to manage the complete medical management life-cycle while tightly integrating stakeholders involved. With ReviewStat, users can expect to:


  1. Reduce the cost and time historically required for medical review.
  2. Customize and configure workflows to meet business-specific needs.
  3. Realize greater efficiency and productivity from the utilization review and case management teams.


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