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Mitchell SmartPrice leverages analytics, best-in-class technology, and subject matter expertise

Mitchell’s SmartPrice leverages technology and expertise to maximize savings on medical expenses. The SmartPrice product incorporates a jurisdiction-specific understanding of legislation, case law and state regulations, as well as medical domain knowledge to recommend appropriate provider reimbursement. Our proprietary rules-based technology verifies medical billing accuracy in various usual and customary and fee schedule states for the services rendered.

The benefits of the SmartPrice proprietary technology include:

  • Automation of usual and customary pricing
  • Application of edits, rules, and flags after a bill has been corrected

Drawing upon unparalleled industry experience and regulatory knowledge, our team of experts are leaders in medical bill payment analysis. The acumen of our compliance team allows us to maintain regulatory requirements and offer flexible solutions to achieve significant savings. For optimum clinical guidance, our team of doctors and nurses provides medical perspectives on services rendered. Our data scientists provide the analytics to balance billing trends against outlier variables identified by our medical experts. Our legal team examines industry patterns and provides insight on legal statutes and case precedent. Lastly, our team of medical coders and bill review analysts draw upon years of experience to apply this combined knowledge appropriately.

Our team includes:

  • Medical Directors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Data Scientists
  • Fee Schedule Analysts
  • Medical Coders (CPC, CCDS)
  • Bill Review Analysts
  • Compliance
  • Legal

By integrating the domain knowledge of this team of specialists, our services and technology unite the talents of multiple subject matter experts both to provide savings for our customers and to manage the communication regarding payment recommendations with providers and other entities.


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