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Improve workers’ compensation, auto and liability claim outcomes simply, quickly and easily with Mitchell’s Negotiations services.

When you add Mitchell’s Negotiations service into your workflow, you’ll start to see better outcomes without spending time and money on implementations or adding even more work to your always-busy adjusters’ plates. Our expert direct-to-provider negotiations team uses a variety of proven methods to secure better outcomes on medical bills.   

Four reasons to choose Mitchell’s Negotiations Service:

Provider Relations

It’s not only about negotiating when our expert team members interact with providers. One of our team’s main goals is to develop and maintain healthy working relationships with providers of all sizes and dispositions, which is crucial to our success. We often educate providers on billing inaccuracies, inappropriate billing, and fair and reasonable reimbursement rates for services, helping our negotiators to build productive relationships with those same providers for successful future negotiations. We’ve had decades of history working with providers and affiliate companies that work on their behalf and are constantly working to create a harmonious environment between payors, providers and our team.  


Our negotiators are seasoned experts, with years of combined experience. The team comes from varying backgrounds, including attorneys, paralegals, auto and workers’ compensation claim examiners and bill reviewers, and bring various different experiences to the table, leading to improved outcomes. Our negotiators are trained in best practices, have experience calling providers day in and day out, and a carry a track record of successful negotiations.  

Robust Technology Platform

Mitchell’s negotiators are backed by a robust, proprietary technology platform, which documents all communications between our team and providers and includes key reference materials, such as fee schedule rules, accepted payment data for various states and bill types and state regulations. Our technology platform ensures that negotiators make a qualified and fair offer when there isn’t any other data to reference.  

A History of Results

Over the past few decades, Mitchell’s negotiation team has secured millions of dollars of reductions on workers’ compensation, auto and liability bills on behalf of many of the top payors in the industry.  



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