Artificial Intelligence Assisted Claims Review

Smart reviews mean smart outcomes

Traditionally, the estimate review process is very manual and resource intensive. However, Assisted Review has changed the game with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning integrated into the estimate review process. Using computer vision, Assisted Review leverages photo recognition to identify a wide variety of exterior vehicle-panels and as a result, analyzes damage severity to evaluate the estimator’s decision. Assisted Review allows reviewers to focus on the parts of the estimate that require the most attention—reviewing more estimates in less time. Streamline your estimate review process to improve efficiency and accuracy with smarter solutions that optimize how your staff services customers.


Save Time on Estimate Triaging

Without Assisted Review, carriers can only review a finite number of estimates due to resource constraints. Assisted Review gives you the power to review every single estimate on every single claim that you process. Assisted Review can expedite the processing of claims where estimators make the correct decisions and triage estimates with questionable operations based on customizable rules.

Design for Efficiency

The user experience of Assisted Review is designed to simplify the review process and improve efficiency. In addition to identifying and evaluating damage severity with computer vision, Assisted Review automatically organizes and groups photos based on panels, so that reviewers can easily associate an estimator’s repair decisions to the accompanying photos- removing the tedious task of manually associating an estimator’s decisions to a jumbled set of photos.

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