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Vehicle Dimensions (Domestic & Imports)

When millimeters matter—trust the most accurate vehicle dimension measurements in the industry


Vehicle Dimensions Manual (Domestic & Imports)

With coverage of the latest vehicles, the Mitchell Unibody and Chassis manuals are the industry standard for vehicle dimensions, the most complete source of information available and an essential complement to any computerized measuring system like TechAdvisor. Mitchell's experts measure all new vehicles and create the detailed graphics you need for unsurpassed accuracy.


Vehicle Dimensions Manual (Domestic & Imports)
  • Accelerate your repair processes with a complete picture of the areas involved in straightening a repair
  • Quickly prepare accurate invoices
  • Use the under-hood dimensions for quick checks for estimates and collision repair


  • Center-of-hole dimensions, overall widths and cumulative datum lengths for underbody information
  • Point-to-point tram lengths
  • Diagonal measurements
  • Upper body dimensions including pillar-to-pillar widths, door openings, windshield, rear window and deck lid for more extensive and complete collision repairs

Issues: 1 per year


Vehicle Dimensions Manual (Domestic & Imports)

Mitchell's team of experienced collision repair technicians measure every automobile featured in the Mitchell Import Vehicle Dimensions Manual, empowering you with the most comprehensive and accurate data on the latest model cars, trucks and vans. Our data includes upper and underbody dimensions for all popular import makes and models.


Vehicle Dimensions Manual (Domestic & Imports)
  • Save time on light hits and quick checks
  • Ensure your frame repairs meet industry recommended tolerances
  • Increase efficiency and profitability


  • Complete coverage for door and window openings and inside passenger compartments that include A, B and C pillars -- information not available from other measuring systems
  • Datum x,y,z dimensions to support your measuring system
  • Point-to-point tram dimensions for quick checks and light hits
  • Control arm dimension data on full-frame vehicles
  • Ball joint tram dimensions for reference checks
  • Added pillar dimensions to make rollover repairs even more accurate

Issues: 1 per year

If you would like to purchase a collision estimating guide, or receive a quote, please call our Inside Sales team.


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