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A powerful force in both the auto casualty and workers’ compensation markets—Mitchell’s full spectrum of integrated solutions gives you the right information at the right time and helps you harness the power of perspective.

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Insights on mPower by Mitchell

Read more about how integrated casualty solutions can help improve the claims process for carriers, third party administrators, state funds and other claims organizations.

article 1

The Power of Perspective: Seeing the Full Picture of a Claim

Having a comprehensive perspective into all of the events and details surrounding a claim is powerful—since good data often provide actionable insights to drive better decision making in the claims process, and better decision making usually results in better outcomes that help restore lives.

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article 2

The Power of Integration and Automation: Humanizing the Claims Process

In this article, Mitchell Executive Vice President and General Manager Nina Smith explains that technology that facilitates automation can help create the positive experiences for claimants that we as an industry strive to provide.

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article 3

The Power of Technology: Six Ways to Improve Casualty Claim Outcomes

Here are six tips for using technology effectively to simplify and improve casualty claim outcomes.

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