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Medical Claims Payment Processing

Discover a new way to lower costs and settle claims faster with AutoExpress

With so much pressure on Property & Casualty insurance payers to streamline operations and reduce costs, while at the same time create a better customer-integrated experience, it’s no wonder that one claims process in particular is getting so much attention: switching from paper bills and paper payments to e-billing and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payments.

Mitchell DecisionPoint® AutoExpress™ and AutoPay™ enable carriers to receive and process medical bills submitted electronically by providers. This end-to-end e-billing and e-payment solution is fully integrated with DecisionPoint, which means it can be immediately and easily integrated with your providers, adjusters, IT infrastructure, and claims workflow—enabling you to:

Medical Claims Payment Processing
  • Remain compliant with e-billing mandates
  • Eliminate the mailing costs and slow, cumbersome paper check processing
  • Reduce adjusters’ time spent answering payment status calls via a secure portal site
  • Increase adjuster efficiency
  • Settle claims faster
  • Increase policyholder and provider satisfaction
  • Lower your total cost of ownership

Mitchell Auto Casualty Solutions


Mitchell Auto Casualty Solutions


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