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Auto Casualty Liability & General Damages Assessment

Streamline the casualty claims process with ClaimIQ®

Mitchell ClaimIQ® is a comprehensive, modular solution that helps drive accuracy and consistency across three critical areas of claims handling: Investigation, Evaluation and Negotiation

Consistent Investigation

Liability 1231, if performed on a consistent basis, can make a significant impact on your bottom line. However, most apply comparative negligence to only 3–5% of all claims files. Without clear guidelines, adjusters often pay at 100% of liability, significantly overpaying on claims settlements

Auto Casualty Liability & General Damages Assessment

ClaimIQ® provides a clear investigation framework—and it can be tailored to your organization’s specifications. Apply your organization’s best practices to each and every claim investigation, evaluation and negotiation:

  • Consistency leads to better results since everyone is using the same framework
  • A systematic process guides adjusters through the various steps of liability assessment, so they can more precisely identify comparative negligence situations

Damages Evaluation

Once negligence is established, ClaimIQ supports a best practice approach to evaluating damages. With ClaimIQ, you can:

  • Clearly identify injuries
  • Review medical specials via integration with Mitchell  DecisionPoint or Mitchell SmartAdvisor
  • Evaluate general damages, using best practice severity factors
  • Assess applicable no-fault and/or tort threshold breach factors


Auto Casualty Liability & General Damages Assessment - ClaimIQ

Negotiations can be challenging under the best of circumstances, and harder still with hundreds of claims to investigate, evaluate and settle quickly. ClaimIQ assists adjusters in preparing successful negotiation parameters, helping to:

  • Establish separate evaluation ranges for liability and damage determinations
  • Automatically reference and organize all aspects of the claim file into a Negotiation T-Chart that details the strengths and weaknesses of each  party’s case
  • Review other parties' negotiation tactics and settlement track record experience prior to initiating negotiations
  • Use management reports to isolate trends for coachable moments to improve negotiation skills


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