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Auto Casualty Solutions

Medical claims bill review software

It's been more than 20 years since Mitchell delivered its first software solution for auto casualty insurers. And since then, we've combined our industry expertise with technology advancements to continuously transform our solutions into what they are today—the industry-leading products, services, and advanced analytics solutions that our clients depend on to simplify and optimize their auto casualty claims handling processes.

Today at Mitchell it's all about making sure the unprecedented amounts of data become integrated tools that feed back rich insights and efficiency into all aspects of our clients' operations—and at the end of the day, help transform the value of their businesses.

Integrated and Modular Software Suites

Our innovative, modular medical claims decision support software tools provide a whole new level of engagement that brings deeper insight earlier on in the claims settlement process. We connect people, medical claims processing, and technology to enable accelerated, optimized medical claims management that results in:

  • Better risk management capabilities
  • A lowered cost of ownership for an advanced decision-making tool
  • The ability to stay ahead of the ever-changing auto casualty industry curve

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DecisionPoint is a comprehensive first- and third-party medical bill review solution with a unique combination of software, client services, and best-in-class partnerships.



ClaimIQ puts consistent expert guidance at the fingertips of your claims adjusters with our innovative modular solution.

Third Party Demand Package Review Solution

Third Party Demand Package Review Solution

Mitchell Third Party Demand Package Review Services provides a comprehensive solution for P&C Insurance carriers.

Provider Networks

Provider Networks

Continually improve your operations in today’s complex auto casualty ecosystem with Mitchell DecisionPoint® Network Optimization—a network tailored just for you.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Effectively understand and react to federal and state regulations while sustaining a high performance property casualty claims handling environment.

Service Operations

Service Operations

Our industry-leading core bill review technology coupled with Mitchell’s team of highly skilled, certified and experienced bill reviewers is the answer to the challenging question of how to better use your time and resources processing bills and documents.

  • Cofinity


  • Prime Health Services

    Prime Health Services

  • CoreChoice


  • Procura


  • Coventry

    Coventry Auto Solutions

  • TRPN


  • Healthcare Solutions

    Healthcare Solutions

  • Jopari

  • DataDimensions



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