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An Interview with Alex Sun: Key Technology Trends August 8, 2016
Alex Sun, President and CEO of Mitchell, describes three key technology trends that are impacting the P&C insurance industry: technology transformation, machine learning and digital consumer engagement.
An Interview with Alex Sun: Key Components of Mitchell's Past and Present Strategy May 9, 2016

Alex Sun, President and CEO of Mitchell, describes three key components of the company's past and present strategy: developing solutions that add value to the market; using advanced technology to make these solutions faster, easier and better; and developing a culture of innovation and responsiveness.

An Interview with Alex Sun: Foundational Elements of Mitchell's Success May 9, 2016
Alex Sun, President and CEO of Mitchell, decribes three foundational elements of Mitchell's ongoing success: the company's customers and their commitment to their work; the company's own commitment to finding new ways of adding value; and the company's passionate and innovative employees.
An Interview with Alex Sun: Today's Core Values Are Rooted in Mitchell's Past May 9, 2016
Alex Sun, President and CEO of Mitchell, describes three core values that have served Mitchell throughout the years: delivering expertise to the market; identifying and implementing enabling technologies; and connecting customers to information, solutions, and the suppy chain.
ICD-10 April 15, 2015

The current International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code set in use in the United States is ICD-9 which contains 17,000 codes. On October 1, 2013, the United States will begin official use of ICD-10, a new code set that contains more than 155,000 codes. Mitchell Auto Casualty Solutions gives insight into this evolving issue and suggestions for communicating with partners and clients.

Mitchell's RepairCenter Hub April 7, 2015

Effective communication and collaboration is key to efficiently processing jobs, reducing service costs and increasing policyholder satisfaction. Mitchell RepairCenter Hub™ is an easy to use tool that enables you to communicate and collaborate with your staff, suppliers, customers and partners, all from one central location.

Ensuring Success with Outsourced Medical Bill Repricing: 5 Key Parameters April 6, 2015

Learn how to ensure success with outsourced medical bill repricing for auto casualty insurers. The risks and benefits of outsourcing medical bill repricing are discussed, along with suggestions on how to evaluate your outsourcing partners. In addition, service level metrics are reviewed so that you have a framework for measuring success.

Mitchell RepairCenter ToolStore April 1, 2015

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

RepairCenter™ ToolStore add-ons bring the auto collision industry’s most important partners into your repair shop. You get easy access to third-party vendors and services like Enterprise, Sherwin-Williams and LKQ without ever leaving RepairCenter.

Mitchell RepairCenter Reputation Manager April 1, 2015

Manage your online brand and glean business insight from customer survey data

There's a big difference between hearing your customers and listening to your customers. When you're listening, you're understanding what makes them happy?and can turn that knowledge into increased sales and profits.

Mitchell RepairCenter Parts Management Demonstration April 1, 2015

Automated parts pricing, ordering, and tracking

Streamline parts procurement with the Mitchell RepairCenter™ Parts Management module:

  • Save time and money through two-way parts price changes that track discounts on every job
  • Get the right parts and the right discount the first time
  • Protect your bottom line

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