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Case Study: Leading the Collision Industry

—September 01, 2012
Case Study: Leading the Collision Industry

If you want to use Facebook, check the weather or do banking on your Smartphone, you download an app. Similarly, Mitchell has made it just as easy for you to pick and choose the applications and services you need. RepairCenter™, Mitchell's personalized shop Workspace solution, allows you to select tools to manage all aspects of your business and to add modules as you grow.

Having invested significantly in developing new enabling technologies, Mitchell brings leading-edge solutions to the industry via a "cloud network" for the collision business. Mitchell offers the industry's leading suite of estimating and management products on a single platform — a totally modular and customizable approach for shops and insurers.

Mitchell is North America's largest provider of collision repair information. The majority of collision repairers and most top insurance companies relying on their information daily.

"Mitchell understands the changing dichotomy in the collision repair world, and the stresses involved in servicing a customer who has sustained damage to their vehicle. We have invested significantly to become the cloud of the Collision Repair Space with our dedicated Canadian hosting facilities, and to widen the breadth of the solutions to help shops complete a proper repair in the most efficient manner," says Mike Jerry, General Manager and Vice President, Mitchell Canadian operations.

RepairCenter™ Workspace

RepairCenter™ Workspace is a single, customizable online application where you can access all the software solutions to manage your business, the repair process and the customer experience. The shop management program provides a cohesive platform to manage every step. It simplifies repair workflow from the time the damaged vehicle arrives through to final delivery. It tracks everything from production — parts, body and paint labour — to claims, processing detail and delivery.

RepairCenter™ also helps to improve the management of the business side of the process — accounting, analysis of financial performance and goals and reporting of all stats needed to maintain quality and profitability.

You'll keep connected to customers with a robust customer experience management solution powered by AutocheX. The customer feedback loop gives you the power to verify that customers perceive their repairs were done correctly, on time and with no surprises — or address problems quickly. This increases customer loyalty, ultimately driving revenue and profitability.

RepairCenter™ ToolStore

Mitchell's RepairCenter™ ToolStore is a dynamic market place that empowers body shops to connect with their mission critical collision repair trading partners and third party add-on tools — tools that help shops streamline workflows and run their businesses more profitably and efficiently. Built within the market leading RepairCenter™ data and business management solutions, the ToolStore features applications across multiple categories such as paint, rental, parts, analytics, accessories, compliance, digital marketing, customer satisfaction and more. The RepairCenter™ ToolStore is like having every tool in the industry on hand for the collision repair shop workflow.

LKQ, Enterprise and KPA have already integrated the ToolStore into their operations since Mitchell's unique partner network strategy connects the software technology with paint providers, rental companies and insurers. For example, Mitchell RepairCenter™ offers seamless, bi-directional integration with Sherwin Williams® Formula Express® retrieval system, saving time and reducing errors by eliminating the need for personnel to rekey vehicle and RO information.

RepairCenter™ Estimating

RepairCenter™ Estimating and workflow system makes the first step in the repair process simple and efficient. Mitchell's database accuracy and leading edge workspace technologies combine to create clean, verifiable estimates. Even new estimators find the system easy thanks to the user-friendly navigation.

"RepairCenter™ Estimating is fast, easy to use and has increased the productivity of our office — and customers like the easy-to-read printouts", says Albert Rosanova, owner of Fix Edmonton West. Accuracy can be assured with the system — in fact, Mitchell adds more than 300 new vehicles per year to the database as well as data from over 50 OEMs and other sources.

Mitchell's insurance carrier communication module provides you with direct access to assignments and streamlines communications by enabling high speed uploads and downloads without interrupting other user applications.

RepairCenter™ FastPhoto Manager

RepairCenter™ FastPhoto Manager streamlines the claims management workflow by automatically linking vehicle photos to the correct repair order or estimate. With a click of the button, the system sorts, resizes, organizes and links photos, eliminating time-consuming manual processes in a secure, wireless environment. Multiple-store operators can conveniently view photos from all facilities at one central location.

RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor

Rapidly changing vehicle technology means you need to have the very latest OEM repair procedure information to repair new model vehicles safely and accurately. RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor provides integrated access to critical OEM repair data and procedures, so technicians can quickly locate the information they need. You can demonstrate your commitment to your customers, insurance partners and employees by ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date repair procedures are utilized when repairing vehicles.

Mitchell GlassMate™

Mitchell GlassMate™ is a leading point-of-sale system for the auto glass industry. The system provides quick look-ups, parts information, quote functions, work orders, invoicing capabilities and VIN decoding — all with access to the complete National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) information and connectivity with insurers.

One Stop Shop

"Mitchell has taken the IT out of the shop, so they can focus on their core business — repairing vehicles. Our network of Canadian dealers help shops determine the hardware, software solutions and network hosting services needed to simplify and streamline the entire repair and claims process. The options are customized to meet the individual customer's needs," explains Bruce Carrick, Senior Director, Product Management.

Looking to the Future

Mitchell is leading the industry with their cutting-edge shop estimating, management and workflow solutions that simplify processes and empower shops with the essential tools and information needed to manage leaner — driving down costs, reducing cycle times and producing even more satisfied customers. Michel Gagnon, Director of Sales adds, "We provide easy-to-use solutions for our customers at a reasonable cost. Control is in the customer's hands to select the tools they need to run their business." Mitchell's mission is "To empower our clients to deliver the best possible outcome and restore their customer's lives after a challenging event."

Mitchell achieves this by simplifying the collision business, connecting stakeholders and continually innovating new technology-based solutions.

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