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Pennsylvania Revives Drug Formulary Debate

—October 24, 2017
Pennsylvania Revives Drug Formulary Debate

Brian Allen, VP of Government Affairs, Pharmacy Solutions

On October 23, 2017, the Pennsylvania Senate Labor Committee voted out Senate Bill 936 (SB936) with a vote of seven to five, moving the bill to the next step in the process. This bill proposes that the Department of Labor and Industry select a nationally recognized, evidence-based prescription drug formulary for the treatment of work-related injuries. The bill is a companion to House Bill 18 (HB18), which was heard by the House Labor and Industry Committee in June 2017. After this hearing, HB18 was sent to several other committees for review and is now awaiting calendaring for a full vote. The full Pennsylvania House and Senate still need to hear and vote on their respective bills and then reconcile any differences in the two versions. To do so, either they will need to amend the bills before passage or call a conference committee after the bills are passed in their originating houses.

It is encouraging to see movement on this issue in the Pennsylvania legislature. As indicated by the close vote, this remains a controversial issue. Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives need to hear from knowledgeable stakeholders to help them make informed votes as these bills progress. Therefore, we encourage interested stakeholders to express any thoughts to their contacts in the Pennsylvania Senate or House.

The text of SB936 can be found here. The text for the latest version of HB18 can be found here.


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