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Taking a Position on Pre- and Post-Repair Vehicle Scanning

—August 15, 2017
Taking a Position on Pre- and Post-Repair Vehicle Scanning

As vehicle complexity has increased exponentially in the last decade, collision repair diagnostics has taken center stage in the collision repair industry.[4] With millions of lines of code, repairers must be prepared to fix a computer network on wheels.

Read more about the Importance of Automotive Diagnostics in Collision Repair.

Industry experts like Mike Anderson recommend that any vehicle that is in a collision – no matter how minor – should be scanned before and after repairs.[5] Earlier this year both the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) and the Automotive Service Association (ASA) announced that they also fully agree with the process of the pre- and post- systems scan position many in the industry are taking.

“The electronic safety systems on today’s vehicles are very important for occupant safety and must be checked after a repair for proper functionality. The pre-scan is now necessary for the repair facility to be able to help scope and estimate the repair processes required for a safe and complete repair.”[6]

Equipment and Tool Institute

Most vehicle makers are taking the same stance. In 2016, only eight OEMs had position statements on vehicle repair scanning. As of May 2017, there were 21 statements and with one to two new ones added every month.


Bottom line, if you’re in the business of collision repair, you’re now in the vehicle diagnostic business. [7]


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