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Driving Customer Satisfaction through Parts Procurement

—October 17, 2016
Driving Customer Satisfaction through Parts Procurement

By Debbie Day, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Auto Physical Damage

Shortly after joining the Mitchell team, I spent a great deal of time traveling around and touching base with our customers to best gauge what’s top of mind for them. One key takeaway was that our customers want help in making fact-based decisions. They need data and solutions that address impactful industry trends and empower them to make the best decisions, that in turn result in better outcomes.

When it comes to parts procurement, despite more than 20 years of attempts to automate the process, most shops continue to use multiple systems, supplemented by manual processes such as faxes and phone calls. With the available automated systems, one system may work well for OEM parts, but not aftermarket. Another system may be required by one insurer but disrupts the repair workflow. And another  may source aftermarket parts, but doesn’t work at all for OEM parts.

For repair facilities, using multiple disconnected systems slows down the parts procurement process and creates significant operational inefficiency. Since parts represent nearly half of repair costs, the ability to secure the right part at the right price in a timely fashion is critical to shop efficiency and profitability. Success or failure can have dire consequences on cycle time, operations costs, and profitability. Most of all, the customer’s satisfaction may be impacted, positively or negatively, on the success or failure of getting the right part for the vehicle. It is clear the industry needs a system that can quickly identify and order the right part, at the right price, and get it delivered at the right time — a single solution that works for all suppliers and all parts types.

Success or failure can have dire consequences on cycle time, operations costs, and profitability.

Taking our customers’ feedback into account and observing the trajectory of the industry, Mitchell recently announced our strategic alliance with uParts and launched Mitchell Parts — the industry’s first and only comprehensive ecommerce solution designed to simplify and streamline the end-to-end parts procurement process. This move directly addresses today’s parts procurement headache and the arduous processes typically associated with it. Mitchell Parts creates a level playing field for all participants in the procurement process. Unlike other solutions that may work well for one type of part or industry participant, Mitchell Parts works on every part, for everyone involved, on every repair.

Powered by uParts, Mitchell Parts is fully integrated into our existing solutions to help our customers make better decisions. Ultimately, these deeply integrated management system offerings establish a sound foundation that take the guesswork out of the repair process. We are excited to start simplifying the overall parts procurement process and look forward to bringing additional value to our customers and the industry.


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