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Industry trends are shaping insurance technology

—October 14, 2016
Industry trends are shaping insurance technology

By Nina L. Smith-Garmon, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Casualty Solutions Group

The insurance industry is constantly changing. For proof, just look at some of the current industry trends: medical costs are continuing to rise, the insurance workforce is facing constant organizational changes and insurance companies are striving to improve their business results by leveraging the abundance of data they have available to them. As new technological capabilities become available, insurance carriers and other payors are seeking opportunities to strengthen their cost containment workflow to keep up with the ever-changing market.

As the insurance industry goes through these transitions, Mitchell has been hard at work developing solutions to more deeply integrate our industry expertise into workflows across the workers’ compensation and first and third party auto casualty markets. We strive to bring valuable solutions to our clients, delivering a comprehensive offering that brings them advanced claims integration and customizable solutions that drive better outcomes.

In making product enhancements, decisions were made with the most pressing customer and industry challenges in mind. For example, to address rising medical costs—one of the most prominent challenges for most payors—we’ve given our clients access to a new, leading provider network.

Clients looking to improve operational efficiencies can now do so by adding the SmartTracker™ productivity dashboard in our SmartAdvisor® product and enhanced visual performance reporting capabilities in our DecisionPoint® product.

Ultimately, the dynamic state of the insurance industry is driving insurance carriers and payors to look for ways to add more value to their cost containment workflow, whether that’s through adding product integrations, new features or more claims expertise. By working with our clients, we have developed product enhancements and updates that will allow our auto casualty and workers compensation clients to be more prepared than ever to address the challenges they are facing in the industry head-on, empowering them to make informed decisions, which will ultimately lead to improved outcomes.


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