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When Consistency Really Doesn’t Matter

—September 24, 2013
When Consistency Really Doesn’t Matter

By Christopher Tidball, Senior Director,
Casualty Solutions Consultant, Mitchell

For those who have read Re-Adjusted, it is evident early on that I am a big proponent of consistency. Although consistency is critical to the quality of outcomes in virtually all that we do, there are timeswhen it really doesn’t matter.

It dawned upon me this past Sunday that there are instances when consistency (as the paramount concern) can be detrimental. As I was watching the Jacksonville Jaguars getting trounced by the Seattle Seahawks, realization set in that Jacksonville may be the most consistent team in the NFL—in a really bad way. This is a team that has consistently faltered on the front line; has consistently made poor draft choices; has had a shaky quarterback situation for at least the past decade; and management that has struggled to put the team on the path to success.

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