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Leverage Tools Wisely To Improve Claims Outcomes

—October 14, 2013
Leverage Tools Wisely To Improve Claims Outcomes

By Christopher Tidball, Senior Director,
Casualty Solutions Consultant, Mitchell

Is it possible to build a house without a hammer and nails? How about producing a car without an automated assembly line? Surely it could be done with a tremendous amount of effort and some pretty substantial flaws in the end product. The same holds true for our claims organizations, where investigations, negotiations and settlements can happen, but without the right tools there are destined to be flaws. During a recent meeting with a prominent claims leader, someone expressed that much of this particular carrier’s success was derived from improved utilization of “special programs” and tools. In fact, so much emphasis is placed on tools that they have developed an entire department focused on this type of research and development.

From the earliest days of claims, a variety of tools have been used. Initially, this consisted of nothing more than a pen and paper to document the claims adjuster's investigation. Then came cameras, Dictaphones and roller tapes. As technology has advanced, the tools have played a pivotal role in making adjusters more efficient with outcomes that are more accurate.

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