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Alex Sun and Mitchell Are Making & Defining Collision Industry News

—March 21, 2016
Alex Sun and Mitchell Are Making & Defining Collision Industry News

It’s an exciting time for the collision repair industry.

Mitchell President and CEO Alex Sun was recently interviewed by a pair of popular publications in our industry, FenderBender and Collision Repair Magazine. The interviews and resulting stories provided a closer look into the focus and vision that’s helping Mitchell lead the charge into the brave new world of tomorrow’s collision repair universe.   

From cutting-edge collision estimating software (including predictive estimating) to impactful estimating data usage and other “smart” solutions, Sun shared some of the insights, innovations, trends, and predictions that have helped Mitchell race to the forefront of our ever-evolving industry.

Steeped in a Heritage of Automotive Innovation

Of course, Mitchell has a proud tradition of automotive innovation, having delivered the collision repair industry’s first-ever accurate, functioning car parts replacement resource for impact-damaged vehicles. From its inception, the company’s focus has been on simplification, efficiency, and access to accurate information.

Sun is acutely aware of this proud heritage, and sees it as integral in influencing the next wave of changes, as well. Mitchell’s connection to and respect for its partners and clients also remains clear and vital as both the company and industry evolve.

“The way we always describe Mitchell to the external world is that we exist to drive better outcomes,” Sun told FenderBender. “We recognize the important work that our clients do, which is restoring lives after a very tragic event. And then we provide technology and information services that really resolve claims, be it damage to the car or damage to the body. Thematically, what we think about from a technology standpoint as it relates to the collision repair shop world – and it’s been relatively consistent over my 14 years at Mitchell – is we have solutions that will help you manage the shop, manage the repair and manage the customer.”

Sun sees this powerful blend of legacy, integrity, and technology as integral to the heart and soul of Mitchell. And he’s extremely bullish on the future of both Mitchell in particular and the collision repair industry as a whole.

“Our legacy is obviously the leadership position we’ve had in being a great provider of repair reference information, starting with the manuals and now working into what powers the estimating system or what powers TechAdvisor (a solution that provides OE repair data and procedures).” Sun told FenderBender. “Whether it’s for insurance companies or collision repairers, we’ve become a much broader technology company. We offer everything from light management system modules to very fulsome collision repair shop management solutions to customer satisfaction measurement to professional services, consulting work for acquisitions and other training. It’s really a full array of technology products and services.”

Ways We’re Working Smarter

From TechAdvisor to Mitchell Estimating to Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures (aka TRRP) and more, Mitchell is working both hard and smart to stay at the forefront of our industry’s technological revolution – while also maintaining the personal and very human touch that has always defined and driven the company.

“In many respects, I think it’s a very positive time for collision repairers,” Sun told FenderBender. “And it’s certainly focusing on trying to understand how to navigate the dynamics of the industry between what insurance companies are trying to do, what the OEs are trying to do, understanding the role technology plays in the middle of all of that, and how you adopt to best position yourself to serve all of the different constituents. It’s really about getting the right information into people’s hands at the right time to affect a quality estimate and a quality repair.”

“We’re at our core a technology company,” Sun added in his interview with Collision Repair Magazine. “We try to consolidate everything that we offer into one platform, so that we can deliver it more easily. In the old days people bought their technology solutions piecemeal, but we’re offering everything through RepairCenter, and depending on a collision repairer’s needs, they only provision on what they need.”

Join the Conversation

In keeping with that commitment to technology-based advancement in our industry, all of us here at Mitchell are also excited to ramp up our efforts and output in the ever-expanding realm of social media. Follow us on Twitter (@MitchellRepair), and tune into our LinkedIn page for more collision industry news, insights, and advancements.

We invite you to take full advantage of our expanded social media presence, by sharing our company and collision industry news, and joining in all the exciting ongoing conversation. Together, we’ll lead the advancements that will change the face of our industry, and usher in a new era of excellence and success.


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