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30 Years of Collaboration and Still Going Strong

—February 01, 2016
30 Years of Collaboration and Still Going Strong

Industry veteran and BMW Certified Collision Repair Center Manager for Nick Alexander Imports, Mike Gregorian, tells us in his own words why Mitchell’s expertise in the industry is still an invaluable asset to his business. Learn from a real world example of how RepairCenter impacts Mike’s day to day repair shop operations by improving productivity, cycle and touch time.

Q&A with Mike Gregorian

1. How would you describe your relationship working with Mitchell and its people?

Answer: My partnership with Mitchell has been excellent. I’ve had an ongoing relationship with Mitchell for over 30 years. Collaborating with some of the people there has been an invaluable asset to me… it’s actually helped me become more successful in my career. Networking, partnering up, and finding solutions to the problems we run into in the auto body industry. Can’t say enough about the expertise they have provided me and the industry.

2. Why have you chosen to continue partnering with Mitchell?

Answer: I’ve seen tremendous strides in their improvement of my management and estimating systems. They are superior to just about every other system in the industry. I find their networking and partners to be an invaluable asset to our business.

3. How does Mitchell’s RepairCenter integrate with your systems and processes?

Answer: With so many different management systems out there, integration is a bit of a challenge. Mitchell has done a great job of putting together a platform that will integrate very easily into other management systems. For us being at a dealership level, we need to have integration with our management system and RepairCenter. It’s been a little bit of a challenge, but we are working on it. Mitchell’s team has done a great job.

4. How has the Mitchell team collaborated with you to implement our solutions?

Answer: My partnering up with Mitchell’s team not only has paid off for us here at Nick Alexander Imports but for the industry as a whole. Mitchell’s team is some of the best of the best. By networking and collaborating, we’ve been able to find solutions and solve problems, not only just for us here, but also the insurance companies dealing with the new repair procedures and the complexities of the new vehicle models. 

5. How was the installation, configuration and execution experience for you?

Answer: The training staff did an excellent job in helping us get up to speed and get to the point where we were seeing a return on investment. They understand what it takes to be successful. They collaborate, spend time with our employees, and provide us the best training possible. Their support is ongoing even when they’re not here. We have access to them by telephone, email or even on occasion utilizing Hub for RepairCenter

6. How long did it take for you to become comfortable using RepairCenter and start seeing ROI?

Answer: It took us approximately 3 to 4 weeks to become comfortable with RepairCenter. The training staff did an excellent job. Everyone understood how to utilize different aspects of the management system. It took us approximately 6-7 weeks to see the return on investment. There’s a lot of information there and it took us a while to take it all in and start utilizing it in our day-to-day business.

7. What improvements have you seen in shop performance since working with RepairCenter?

Answer: RepairCenter has helped us improve our daily operations tremendously. I am able to flag my employees as we move the vehicles through different departments in the shop by utilizing the filters that are in place in RepairCenter. It saves me a lot of time at the end of the month. We are able to track production, cycle time, avoid bottlenecks, just overall increase the throughput through the shop as well as improve our touch time and cycle time.

Payroll was very easy for us from the very beginning. That was one of the key things I focused on when the trainers from Mitchell were here. I know in the past it’s been a burden. It’s very time consuming to have the technician come to the office and go over repair hours. Utilizing RepairCenter, I hand the technician the time sheet, they review it and I am done with payroll within 35 to 40 minutes. And that’s 10 technicians. Very simple, very easy to do. Huge time saver.

8. How has RepairCenter’s Premier management functionality made a difference in your shop’s capabilities?

Answer: Utilizing Mitchell’s premier management system has really allowed us to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on throughout the shop at any given time. We’re able to identify any bottlenecks and problems that may occur. It’s helped us improve our cycle time and our throughput through the shop. It has helped our process from start to finish by helping my parts manager collaborate with my technicians and my estimators. They are able to produce and print work orders which improve our productivity, cycle time, touch time.

9. How has Mitchell Estimating improved your shop’s workflow?

Answer: Mitchell’s estimating system enables my estimators to write a more complete and thorough repair analysis which enables my parts manager to procure and start a more accurate parts order. It also enables my production manager to be able to look at the work orders and assign work orders in a timely fashion. Overall the shop is more efficient because of the accurate estimate that is written from the get go. I think Mitchell does that better than any other estimating system that’s available by being so thorough and having all those key components of the cars that we work on. The information is available in the estimating system without our estimators having to go look up or call on the additional items that are not included in the other estimating systems.

10. What kinds of innovations in the development plan with Mitchell are you excited about?

Answer: Mitchell was able to implement Toyota’s recommended repair procedures. I’m excited to see Mitchell International and BMW North America collaborating and networking together in our industry. […] Having those features in the repair system is going to be a huge help not only to us but to the industry as a whole. Everyone will be able to share and utilize that information and repair the vehicles properly and write a better estimate from the insurance companies to the smaller shops that don’t have the information that is readily available to a CCRC.

11. What does Mitchell do better than any other company?

Answer: In my opinion, Mitchell International does everything better as a whole from the estimating platform to RepairCenter. The information that we are provided within RepairCenter is far superior to any other [shop management] system. Very inclusive, the expertise behind the estimating system is superior to any other estimating platform that I have utilized. The repair procedures, rivets, the utilization of adhesives are all included in the estimating system. It helps us provide and write a more accurate estimate from the beginning and they do that better than any other system that I have utilized in the industry.
By networking and collaborating with the best of the best we have come up with better solutions on how to deal with and address the complexity of repairing new model vehicles. 

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