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Road Show Stop: Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision

—January 18, 2016
Road Show Stop: Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision

Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision is a facility that's been in operation in Ontario, Canada for 47 years. The company is founded on three main fundamental values: client satisfaction, world-class quality, and interdependency working with our partners. We spoke with Paul Prochilo, the company's Director of Corporate Strategy about how Mitchell products help them stay true to their company's values.

Q&A with Paul Prochilo

1. How did Prochilo Brothers get started using Mitchell products? 

Answer: The first generation. Mitchell was the first product we used, and our strongest DRP partners are also strategic partners with Mitchell, so it kind of just fit in place. I came in and I saw, "Hey, this is Mitchell. This is great." But once we started a leadership team in our succession planning, we began to get more and more involved. We realized that there were aspects of Mitchell that we could utilize to enhance our services and our operations.

2. Which Mitchell products do you use?

Answer: We use Mitchell eClaim and Mitchell Estimating Suite at every one of our collision centers. Within Mitchell Estimating, the procedure pages really help us reinforce our concepts of lean manufacturing. But one product and service that we're extremely excited about, we think it's really going to help us revolutionize estimatics behaviors, is the Mitchell Compliance tool. What we've been able to do with this Compliance tool is several things: increase the productivity of our collision center, reduce the amount of defects and cost, reduce cycle time, and increase client satisfaction.

3. How have we collaborated with you to implement our solutions?

Answer: So I was able to call up our amazing representative, Tyler [Jacklyn], from Mitchell and I suggested, "I have some needs here. We need to build in more automation." And he invited us to his office, showed us a tremendous platform that they're working on that we're equally excited about. He was really able to demonstrate to us and our clients what an amazing tool it could be in our current state. Because when we're able to ensure that we've captured everything in the blueprint, the vehicles are going to move faster through the collision center. So what that's going to do is also increase your capacity because vehicles aren't staying with you as long as they may have. So that was where we found the increase in productivity.

We're really thankful to Mitchell for helping us deploy this service and product. It really just illustrated what type of a tremendous strategic partner they are, not just a vendor of S&A products and services.

Thanks Paul, we’re thankful to have great partners like you!

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