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3 Ways RepairCenter Helps Manage Profitability

—August 24, 2015
3 Ways RepairCenter Helps Manage Profitability

Blog post by Willis Colpitts | Senior Manager, Collision Solutions Training

No one with a collision repair shop will argue that profitability is the key to business success. That’s a no brainer. But identifying practices that leak money and finding new opportunities to increase profits is a whole lot harder, especially when you’re trying to focus on everyday operations. Here are 3 ways that Mitchell RepairCenter™ can help.

Put the brakes on unnecessary supplements

Let’s face it, all jobs begin with the potential for 100% profit until they’re eroded by unanticipated costs. One of biggest is supplements, many of which can be avoided entirely with the help of RepairCenter’s WhiteBoard feature. With it, you can quickly identify any items omitted from an estimate. That includes things like price changes, additional parts or labor. 

As the screen shot below demonstrates, RepairCenter’s WhiteBoard has indicators that show everyone in your shop where profits can be lost. That allows you to take action on missing items and reduce the risk of uploading an incomplete estimate for payment--before you deliver a job.

repaircenter profitability

repaircenter profitability

Speed the job through the repair process

Time is money and RepairCenter can be a huge time-saver. By providing a single, integrated access point for critical repair procedure data, your technicians get instant information needed to repair today’s complex vehicles. Plus, help prompts keep the work flowing through your shop safely and efficiently.

Bring write-offs to a stop

Do you manage profitability after the job, or just glance at the file before closing to see how you did on the job? If so, you’re missing an opportunity. Once a file has made its way to the closer, the final bill with request for payment has been uploaded or sent; labor and sometimes the vendor may have already been paid. Normally, if an error or omission is discovered beyond this point, no action is taken. Unless it’s a very large amount, nobody wants to undermine the DRP relationship with the carrier or upset the customer because changes in charges weren’t communicated. The charge is simply written off.

Using the Filters option in RepairCenter’s Analytics/Profitability/Gross Margins, you can monitor profits on all ROs from a given period of time from a single screen, allowing you to manage that repair order’s profits and eliminate write-offs. You’ll be able to see areas within an RO that are falling below your targets, giving you the time and opportunity to take action and preserve profits.

repaircenter profitability

Take a test drive

Those are just three of the ways RepairCenter can help your shop accelerate growth and profits while simplifying shop operations. Learn more and schedule a demo to see all the ways this powerful tool can help you manage the entire repair experience for increased profitability.

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