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Look Inside: Q3/15 Auto Physical Damage Industry Trends

—August 12, 2015
Look Inside: Q3/15 Auto Physical Damage Industry Trends

Get the news you need to better understand the collision repair landscape and make better informed business decisions. Read the latest Auto Physical Damage edition of our Industry Trends Report. The quarterly publication addresses timely concerns of the auto physical damage while comparing current and historical market data for the U.S. and Canada.

In This Issue…

How Often are Top Damaged Parts Replaced?

In this issue’s quarterly feature, Greg Horn slices the data to see the frequency with which the top 10 parts most frequently damaged in a repairable collision are replaced versus repaired.
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Collision Claims, Frequency & Losses Increased in 2014

Major insurers continue to see dramatic increases as losses on collision claims rose in 2014 8.4% over 2013. Reprinted from CollisionWeek.
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Takata reaches agreement with NHTSA to expand airbag inflator recalls

The action brings the total number of recalls to nearly 34 million, including bot driver side and passenger side inflators. Reprinted from Aftermarket Business World Wire Reports.
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EPA Bans HFC-134a in Model Year 2021 Vehicles

The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a rule to prohibit hydrofluorocarbons in air-conditioning and other equipment beginning in Model Year 2021. Reprinted from CollisionWeek.
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