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Hub Quick Tip: How-To Send Private Messages

—July 29, 2015
Hub Quick Tip: How-To Send Private Messages

Sending a private message to a shop employee in Hub is quick and easy.

No matter how many colleagues you want to share your news with, Hub makes it easy to customize who reads your message. You can have private conversations and skip sending an email, making a phone call, sending a text or fax to share your message. Plus, you’ll have a log of your conversation, avoiding missed communications.

How-To Guide to Sending Private Messages in Hub

Add your connections.

  1. Start by clicking on the Hub icon at the top left of the RepairCenter window.
  2. HUB

  3. Add all of your colleagues in your shop to your connections list by hitting the icon next to ‘My Shop’ under ‘My Networks’. If the icon reappears, that means there’s a new colleague in your shop to be added.
  4. You can easily add all of your shop connections at once by hitting the icon next to ‘My Shop’. These connections will now be listed under your ‘My Connections’ list.

Share a private message.

  1. Now, let’s say you want to share an article with some of your shop employees or one of your networks about a new repair standard for a new vehicle model coming out. Click in the message box to type your message and then in the box below, type in your connections or networks you want to share your message with.
  2. HUB

  3. Hit send.
  4. You’ll know that you sent a private message because it will show in your ‘Conversations’ and ‘Everything’ feeds.
  5. HUB

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