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Hub Quick Tip: How-To Setup Your Networks

—July 14, 2015
Hub Quick Tip: How-To Setup Your Networks

Add connections and build networks around the way your shop communicates with Hub’s network feature. Create a network of people you talk to frequently or a group of people who run specific departments at your shop. Setting up networks is a simple way to send one message to multiple people from one location. Or simply have customer-facing and non-customer facing networks.

How-To Guide to Adding Connections and Setting up Networks in Hub

Add Connections

You can easily add all of your shop connections at once by hitting the icon next to ‘My Shop’. These connections will now be listed under your ‘My Connections’ list.


Setting up your networks

1. To access Hub, click on the Hub icon at the top left of the RepairCenter window.

2. As long as you have connections, you can organize them into networks. From your main Hub feed, click on ‘My Networks’.

3. Hit ‘Add new network’, type in the network name, and hit enter.

4. In this example, we are setting up a network of our shop estimators. Click and drag connections you want to add from the top of the screen down to the network.

5. You can add and remove connections to existing networks as needed.

Change or delete a network.

  1. Hit the settings wheel at the top right of the network name.
  2. Choose the desired option that appears (‘Rename’ or ‘Delete’).

Communicate with a network.

  1. To communicate with one or more of your networks, go to your Hub feed, type in a message.
  2. Choose the networks you want to share your message with.
  3. Hit send.

Now, network connections can reply to your message directly from their main Hub feed.

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