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Boost Your Body Shop Business with RepairCenter Mobile

—May 15, 2015
Boost Your Body Shop Business with RepairCenter Mobile
No doubt about it, mobile technology has gone mainstream. Even doctors have jumped on the bandwagon, searching and capturing symptoms on their iPads instead of handwriting and rekeying the information. How about you? Are you putting mobile technology to work in your auto body repair shop? There are a lot of tangible efficiencies and benefits to be gained when you do.

Speedy, accurate customer communications
Rekeying customer information is risky business for people who don’t type for a living! Not only is it inefficient, it can also have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. You risk putting inaccurate or incomplete information into your shop management system and, ultimately, communicating misinformation to your customer, especially if you can’t read the handwriting. Delays in communicating repair status to your customer can also occur if the contact information isn’t clear.

Increase customer loyalty with transparency
Managing your shop with mobile technology lets you create new opportunities right at the vehicle with your customer at your side. You can enter all of the critical information onsite for each repair order including customer and vehicle details, along with damage documentation such as photos. And you can review all of the RO information with your customer before assigning tasks to your staff.

Keeping track of repairs has never been easier, either. You can quickly scan the VIN to find the RO, document additional damage, then update the repair status--all from your mobile device. Now you’re empowering your customers by giving them the same information you have. So, calls to check on repair status could be less frequent or at least more productive, putting less of a burden on your administrative team.

This new level of interaction and transparency can’t help but build trust with your customers. Plus, you’ll look cool and tech savvy to consumers who rely on technology 24/7!

Manage production to keep repairs moving forward
Managing your production closely is one of the most important activities in running a profitable shop. You have to be able to assess your capacity, identify your bottlenecks, keep work-in-progress moving and maximize job profitability. Walking around the shop to monitor progress with all your department managers may be good for shop relations but it’s not so great for efficiency and accuracy.

With mobile technology built into your shop management system, you can move vehicles from one department to the next to reflect the way your shop floor is actually set up. This not only cuts down on costly errors from improper documentation, it can also save you loads of time by keeping all your staff informed of the latest progress.

Attach photos directly to the Repair Order
Seventy-nine percent of people 18-44 say they have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day. (Source: AdWeek). If you’re like most people chances are good that you have yours with you when you’re checking production on the shop floor. And, if you have RepairCenter Mobile, you can use your smartphone to take photos of parts and the damaged vehicle, then attach the photo directly to the RO. No need to carry a separate camera and spend valuable time transferring and attaching files.

Having photo capture and attachment capabilities within a mobile-compatible workspace gives you the ability to access and update the RO as the vehicle progresses through the repair. That means if your customer or insurance partner requests an update on a vehicle’s repair status, whoever receives the call can give them an answer with visual proof! Also, this allows you to make more informed decisions around the work in progress for a repair, ensuring the best customer service possible. And we all know, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Top 3 reasons to use RC Mobile

With the new RepairCenter Mobile app available on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can save time on every RO with these powerful new features:

  1. Real-time Opportunity & Repair Order Management
    Create new opportunities at the vehicle with the customer by capturing all the critical customer and vehicle information. Take photos, attach them to the opportunity or RO, and update the customer all from one place.
  2. On-the-Go Production Management
    Manage and update the current status and location of in-process repairs on-the-go to keep staff informed and better manage the outcome of the repair.
  3. Efficient Photo Management
    Take photos of parts and/or damaged areas and attach them directly to the RO. No need to carry a separate camera and spend extra time transferring and attaching files.

Get the latest version of RepairCenter Mobile
Unlock everything mobile technology has to offer by downloading RepairCenter Mobile today. If you’re not yet a RepairCenter customer, learn more about everything our industry-leading shop management system for shops of all sizes has to offer you.

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